Use three glasses to match the trendy style for sportsmen

u003cbru003eNowadays, handsome pots like to use glasses as their accessories. Different dresses are matched with different glasses, so that they will always be in the forefront of trendy men. Indeed, glasses have now become a popular fashion, and gradually become a symbol, representing temperament, intelligence, handsome, etc., when this summer is about to come, sportsmen can dress according to their own style and temperament. Choosing the right glasses can not only bring out your handsomeness, but also make you feel brighter and fuller. Johnny Deep's classic tortoiseshell glasses are not round and square, and many people think they don't match well. But it is also very retro and nerdy. It’s not that easy to transform into Johnny. You can also wear tortoiseshell glasses in your life, cropped jeans and plaid shirts. I believe you must be in stock in your closet, and the top hat is you. The secret weapon of the vintage, the vintage wind blows instantly, don’t forget, remember to reveal a pair of chic socks. The prevalence of retro style brings round-frame glasses back to the fashion circle once again. The round frame looks simple and natural, frank and intelligent, maverick, so for a long time, round frame glasses have been movie stars, cultural celebrities, and even political legends (remember what shape of glasses Mahatma Gandhi wore Is it?) An excellent prop to show off your extraordinary temperament. In the countercultural movement in the United States in the 1960s, round-frame glasses became iconic objects, an essential element of hippie style, used to convey dissatisfaction after freedom was deprived and defections to mainstream culture. John Lennon style later improved by the designer of the new version of round-frame glasses, the frame is wider and thicker, the lens area is larger, the overall shape is more angular, and the position of the joint between the temple and the frame is higher, becoming almost suitable for most people's faces . Round-frame glasses are perfect for creating a retro style. If you like a casual and casual feel, you can use a pop-style t-shirt + nine-point cigarette trousers; if you like Dandy style, you can also use a three-piece upper body to let the round-frame glasses play its concave shape. The magical effect of; I like a rigorous business style, and occasionally wear round-frame glasses to go out. You will find that wearing glasses in a suit and leather shoes adds a little more mysterious atmosphere. Woody Allen style, you must know how versatile black frame glasses are. All face types are eaten, especially suitable for men with a wide face and a thin chin. Although men's glasses are not as rich in colors as girls, men also have many colors to choose from. Even the leopard print, a decorative color often used for women, is also used in men's glasses, which has a unique style. The same dark blue, dark red, light yellow, etc., coupled with the transparent texture of these glasses, are not tacky at all. Wearing black frame glasses is almost no dress taboo, but if you prefer colored frames, so that the color of the glasses echoes a certain color on your body, when the color of clothing is relatively monotonous, such as autumn and winter, most men will go from top to bottom. It is gray and black. At this time, it is important to pick a pair of colored glasses to brighten up. The picture comes from the Internet, if you want to delete it, please contact Related reading: round frame glasses
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