Wear glasses but also wear beautiful eye makeup

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-05-20
u003cbru003eMany people think that you can’t paint beautiful makeup with glasses. This idea is wrong! Watch the beauty expert teach you how to make up with glasses!! Myopic lenses will reduce the size of your eyes and bulge your eyes. The makeup method is particularly important. Enlarging the eyes and diminishing the convexity are the main points of all makeup. 1. Eyeshadow pampering the same color eye shadow color is better to the same color, rich eye shadow color will weaken the image of the eyes. Don't choose lotus root, light purple, light pink, light blue eye shadow, they will aggravate the feeling of convex eyeballs. Brown and pearly brown are safe choices. During makeup, you can use dark coffee eyeshadow on the margin of the upper eyelid, and then gradually transition to under the eyebrows, using the same color eyeshadow from dark to light to enlarge the eyes, the effect is very good. 2. The slightly thicker eyeliner works well because the frame and lenses increase In addition to the rated content of the face, eye makeup must be relatively concise and simple. Regardless of whether you are single eyelid or double eyelid, the tools to enlarge your eyes are thicker eyeliner and densely curled eyelashes. It is okay to try a liquid or soft refill eyeliner and draw the eyeliner from the root of the eyelashes. The thick and thick lines will expand the eyes, and the reflective effect of the lens will correspondingly weaken the traces of the eyeliner. 3. Must use eyelash curler Eyelash curler is a magic weapon for myopic beauty to enlarge eyes. Before applying mascara, you must first use an eyelash curler, starting from the root of the eyelashes. When applying mascara, first repeat the correction in a 'Z' shape across the roots of the eyelashes, and then brush the eyelashes lightly to make the roots more dense. In order to increase the curvature of the eyelashes, curl the eyelashes once before applying the mascara and again after applying the mascara. If your own eyelashes are very long, it is easy to touch the lens after applying mascara, which will make your field of vision vague, so choose according to your own situation. 4. The ideal eye shadow color for neutral eyeshadow should be prevented from being redundant, otherwise it will appear colorful under the enlargement of the lens. Therefore, it is suitable to apply single-color or two-color eyeshadow for contrast. Neutral colors such as light brown, gray-red, lavender, and pearl are particularly ideal. 5. The eyeliner has a strong and colorful effect. Don't draw the eyeliner too thick, otherwise it will be very abrupt. Choose eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner, simply create a vague and rich effect, it will look natural. Those with small eyes can be retouched appropriately, draw thin eyeliner, and apply light eye shadow, so that the eyes will look big and beautiful after wearing glasses. People with big eyes do not need to draw too much eyeliner to avoid the traces of lens enlargement. 6. Do not forget to trim the eyelashes without excessive retouching. If you have already applied eyeliner, it is not advisable to use black mascara, as it will make the eyes look too heavy. The contrast of brown is suitable, it will give people a tactful and docile image. After applying mascara to your eyelashes, remember to clean it up. If there are small spots or clumps, they will be exaggerated and enlarged by the lens, which is bad. Related reading: Glasses style glasses frame material
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