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u003cbru003eThe editor usually likes to travel, because it is a wonderful thing to go out and take a look at the outside world; it is another thing to record the wonderful scenery with the lens and leave a mark on my life. What a meaningful thing. We can go lightly and just leave, but how can you lack a pair of sunglasses during the journey? How to choose sunglasses? The first is to match your face shape. A round face is more suitable for a square and wide frame, and not too exaggerated cat eyes and butterfly-shaped frames are also suitable. Avoid round, light or childish shapes. A frame that is slightly wider than the face frame is suitable. It can be used to lengthen the face with long necklaces and long earrings. The oval face is perfect. Generally, it will look good if it is not too slender. However, it is suitable to wear sunglasses with a wider frame, which makes the face look wider and shortens the length of the face; a long face is more suitable for oval or rectangular frames, which can visually soften the face. The exaggerated temple design is also very good, attracting a certain amount of attention to balance the focus of the entire face. Short bead chains, round neck clothing and suitable sunglasses can make a long and narrow face look rounder and add beauty; a square face gives people a tough feeling, so avoid choosing too square frames, but slightly more The rounded square shape can make the outline appear softer. The frame should be thick and wide to express the bold lines. The narrow and delicate sunglasses will look very small and disproportionate when matched with the face shape; sunglasses that are too large or too thick will make the contour of the heart-shaped face. Appears wider, and the jaw line appears to be sharper and smaller, so you should avoid wearing frames with upturned sides, because this will only emphasize the sharp jaw. For the heart-shaped face, it is advisable to wear sunglasses with a light texture and a polygonal shape, and with a light color to match the contour of the face. YC9711 Men's Sunglasses C1 Black/Colorful Red Choose the right sunglasses style that suits you. Don't forget to consider the quality of sunglasses. How to distinguish between good and bad sunglasses? Lenses: A simple way to distinguish the quality of sunglasses lenses is to hold the glasses against the light to see if there are bubbles or defects on the surface of the lenses. Price: The price of sunglasses with good quality lenses should not be too cheap. Good sunglasses are generally more than 200 yuan in physical stores. Poor quality sunglasses are often uncomfortable, distorted in color, and easy to wear when worn. Try on: Try on sunglasses under natural light. Fortunately, when the light is strong during the day, go outside the optician to try on sunglasses. Look at the ground without any unevenness and the objects cannot be deformed. UV index: For sunglasses, the UV index is also an important criterion for filtering out ultraviolet rays. At present, the UV index of most sunglasses is between 96% and 98%, and dark-colored lenses are better than light-colored lenses. Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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