Wearing a V-neck sweater and sunglasses in winter looks thin and cool

u003cbru003eIntroduction: When the temperature plummeted, the girls all put on soft and comfortable sweaters, but remember to show fashion while keeping warm! The 2014 autumn and winter V-shaped neckline design is back to the fashion circle, no matter it is with a capable long Pants or skirts can give people a casual and comfortable feeling, and they are definitely one of the indispensable items in the wardrobe. Although the sun in winter is not as strong as in summer, the ultraviolet rays still exist, so wear a pair of glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses when you go out to protect your eyes while being cool! Miranda-Kerr's V-neck sweater + sunglasses are always sweet when going out. Miranda Kerr is also a loyal fan of V-neck sweaters, showing the slim charm of V-neck tops. A pair of gray V-neck sweaters with pleated skirts and a pair of high boots show femininity and sexy, while wearing a gray coat and jacket star fan feet out of the street. The V-neck sweater mix and match the motorcycle style + aviator sunglasses classic items are the key to the collocation of less is more. Slim jeans and black V-neck sweater are neat and capable, and a shawl motorcycle jacket shows a handsome look. Aviator sunglasses add a lot to the overall look. The picture comes from the Internet, please contact if you want to delete it. Related reading: Sunglasses
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