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u003cbru003eSpring is here, can summer be far away? In the face of the harsh summer sun, many friends choose to wear sunglasses. How do you choose sunglasses? I will tell you~ Many friends wear sunglasses for Decorative effect, but the main purpose of preparing sunglasses in summer is to protect the glasses from the damage of ultraviolet rays. If you buy a pair of inferior sunglasses, it will only be counterproductive. Not only can it not block the damage of ultraviolet rays, it will also make the pupils dilate and make the eyes worse The lens takes in more ultraviolet light. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes mainly depends on its wavelength, radiation intensity and radiation time, as well as the physical fitness and eye health of the irradiated person. The cornea and lens of the human eye are easily damaged by ultraviolet rays. Solar keratitis, corneal endothelial damage and solar cataract are common diseases of the eye. Whether a pair of sunglasses has UV protection function, it is difficult for us to distinguish the authenticity with the naked eye, but we can judge according to some product parameters of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers often use these words to describe their sunglasses as 'good UV protectionSo what do these values u200bu200brepresent? UV stands for vacuum ultraviolet rays, and ultraviolet rays are solar rays with wavelengths ranging from 200 nanometers to 380 nanometers. It is divided into UVA with a wavelength of 315nm~380nm, UVB with a wavelength of 280nm~315nm and UVC with a wavelength of 200nm~280nm. 97% of the ultraviolet rays that people are exposed to when reaching the earth are UVA. So don't choose sunglasses that don't indicate the amount of UV. Different colors of lenses have their corresponding functions, and gray lenses can effectively reduce the intensity of light without affecting the contrast of colors. Brown glasses can enhance some color contrast and block blue light. Therefore, the brighter the sky, the better to wear brown, such as snowy sky. Yellow is a more yellow color than brown. It can greatly enhance the color contrast and block almost all blue light. When you want to separate traffic lights, don't choose this color. Red and orange are more suitable for cloudy days in winter. Purple is suitable for people who want to hunt on the green grass. Copper color can harmonize the color of sky and grass at the same time, suitable for golf. Blue and green can enhance the contrast of yellow, suitable for tennis. Related Reading: Frame Lenses
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