What are color-changing spectacle lenses?


The color-changing lens is also called 'photosensitive lens'. Because the silver halide chemical is added to the lens, the originally transparent and colorless lens will turn into a colored lens when exposed to strong light for protection, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Schematic diagram of the discoloration effect of the color-changing spectacle lens. The color-changing lens is made of optical glass containing silver halide microcrystals. According to the principle of the reversible reaction between light and color, it can quickly darken under sunlight and ultraviolet rays, completely absorb ultraviolet rays, and neutrally absorb visible light. ; Back to the dark, can quickly restore colorless and transparent. The main function of the color-changing lens. The color-changing lens is mainly used in the open field, snow, and indoor workplaces with strong light sources to prevent the sun, ultraviolet light, and glare from harming the eyes. In easy-to-understand terms, under strong light, the silver halide inside becomes black silver particles after the light is irradiated. The advantages and disadvantages of the color-changing lens (1) The surface of the high-quality color-changing glasses lens has no scratches, abrasions, rough surfaces, pits, and the lens is obliquely facing the light, and the finish is extremely high. There are no spots, stones, streaks, bubbles, cracks inside the lens, and the lens is bright. (2) The two lenses of the color-changing glasses must be the same color without any difference. The color change must be uniform, and it cannot show several colors. There is no 'yin and yang color'; when it sees sunlight, the color change time is fast, and when there is no sunlight, the color fade time is also fast. Inferior lenses change color slowly and fade quickly, or change color quickly and fade slowly. Poor color changing glasses do not change color at all. (3) The thickness of the two lenses of the color-changing lens should be the same, not one thick and the other thin, otherwise it will affect the vision and damage the health of the eyes. The thickness of the single lens should also be uniform. If it is a color-changing plan lens, the thickness should be about 2mm with smooth edges. (4) There is no sensation when wearing, no dizziness or swelling, no blur or deformation of the observed object. When buying, hold the glasses, look through the lens with one eye, look at the distant objects, shake the lens up and down, left and right, the distant objects should not have the illusion of movement. (5) Fast discoloration speed: A high-quality color-changing mirror has a quick response to the environment. Put the color-changing mirror under sunlight for about 10 minutes, that is, it should reach a large color depth, otherwise the discoloration quality is poor. Move the glasses that have been discolored under the fluorescent lamp to a dark place, and the lenses whose rejuvenation time does not exceed 20 minutes are high-quality color-changing glasses. (6) Protection\u002c High-quality color-changing glasses can block 100% of UVA and UVB, providing effective UV protection for wearers. Related Reading: Sunglasses Color Change Glasses Lenses
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