What are myopia sunglasses?


Myopia sunglasses, as the name suggests, have two functions, myopia glasses and sunglasses. How to combine these two functions together creates different types of myopia sunglasses. There are four main types of myopia sunglasses currently on the market. Let me introduce them below. Different people of YC9015 myopia sunglasses choose sunglasses according to different preferences and different uses, but the fundamental thing is to start from the basic principles that can ensure the safety of the wearer and the vision is not damaged. Reducing strong light irritation, clear vision without distortion, UV protection, color recognition without distortion, and accurate identification of traffic signals should be the basic functions of sunglasses. If the above-mentioned functions are defective, they may not function as sunglasses, but may produce dizziness, swelling of the eyes and other consciously unsuitable symptoms. Sometimes, they may also cause slow response, illusion of color discrimination, unequal walking, and cause traffic. Accidents, etc. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, you can't just focus on style and ignore its inherent quality. Related reading: sunglasses myopia sunglasses
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