What are polarized sunglasses?


In our lives, there are too many light sources that can produce harmful light, especially sunlight; the light emitted from the sunlight includes three types: visible light, infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays (Ultraviolet). Among them, ultraviolet rays cause serious damage to the skin and eyes of the human body; polarized sunglasses have the function of polarizing light, so they can block all harmful light without affecting the transmission of visible light. Achieve the function of protecting eyes. In addition to basic anti-ultraviolet functions, polarized sunglasses also have anti-glare, reflected light on the road, and scales on the water surface. They are suitable for driving, fishing, traveling, and daily wear. So what are polarized sunglasses? What we need to understand first is polarized light? Polarized light can be divided into three types, namely linear polarized light, elliptical polarized light and circular polarized light. Polarized light is also called polarized light. Visible light is a transverse wave whose vibration direction is perpendicular to the direction of propagation. The vibration direction of natural light is arbitrary in the plane perpendicular to the propagation direction; for polarized light, its vibration direction is limited to a specific direction at a certain moment. Polarized lenses can completely block the dazzling glare caused by various factors such as scattering, refraction, and reflection due to their polarizing properties. At the same time, it can completely block the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to human eyes, so that when people are active for a long time under strong light, the eyes are not easy to get tired, to achieve the function of real protection, and it can make the things seen more clearly and three-dimensionally. Polarized sunglasses can be divided into: ski goggles, fishing goggles, polarized driving glasses, outdoor sports glasses, golf glasses, according to the material can be divided into: glass material polarized sunglasses, resin material polarized sunglasses, TAC lens material polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare, while protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays. All this is due to the metal powder filter, which can 'select' the light when it hits it. Polarized sunglasses can selectively absorb some of the wavelength bands that make up the sun's rays because they use very fine metal powders (iron, copper, nickel, etc.). In fact, when light hits the lens, the light is reduced based on the so-called 'destructive interference' process. Polarized sunglasses provide another mechanism for eye protection. The reflected light from the asphalt road is relatively special polarized light. The difference between this reflected light and the light directly from the sun or any artificial light source lies in order. Polarized light is formed by waves that vibrate all the way in one direction, while ordinary light is formed by waves that vibrate non-directionally. The lenses of polarized sunglasses can darken after the sun's rays hit. When the lighting diminished, it became bright again. This is possible because the silver halide crystals are working. Under normal circumstances, it can keep the lens perfect transparency. Under the sunlight, the silver in the crystal separates, and the free silver forms small aggregates inside the lens. These small silver aggregates are irregular blocks with canine teeth. They cannot transmit light, but can only absorb light. As a result, the lens darkens. In the dark, the crystal re-forms, and the lens returns to its bright state. Article title: What are polarized sunglasses? Article finishing:
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