What are the advantages of sunglasses lenses

u003cbru003eIn order to help the athletes in Rio in 2016, the lens technology of Oakley sunglasses has been researched and developed for 15 years. It made an epoch-making breakthrough in the spring of 2016, and successfully won the recognition of many famous athletes during the Rio Olympics. Unanimously praised, this is Oakley's new Spectra? lens technology. So let us look at the advantages of Oakley sunglasses lenses through it. 1. Oakley Spectrum Sharp? Lens technology can fine-tune the field of view for specific sports and environments. For example, Spectral? Road lenses can enhance the field of vision in both strong light and shadow environments, helping cyclists see subtle changes on the road; Spectral? Mountain lenses can enhance red and brown so that you can quickly distinguish between beaches and rocks , Tree roots and other transitional areas under shadows and strong light; Spectral Intelligence? Golf lenses can enhance contrast to better separate colors, providing you with deeper clues to accurately measure distance and grass conditions; Spectral Intelligence ? The high-definition polarization technology of urban outdoor lenses can make dark colors more warm and fuller, and bring a more relaxing and pleasant visual experience while increasing the contrast. 2. Oakley Spectrum Sharp? Lens technology can adjust the color filter to enhance your vision according to the eye mechanism and the visual requirements of a specific environment. For example, Spectral? Road lenses can help endurance athletes to find subtle changes on the road, so that they can react faster and achieve the best results; Spectral? Mountain lenses can help you find subtle differences under a brown background, and make you Can see the obstacles and subtle changes in the terrain in mountain conditions; Spectre? Golf lenses can provide you with more detailed clues, enable you to accurately measure the short cut distance, and help you easily predict the movement of the sphere according to different grass conditions Speed; Spectrum Ruizhi? Urban outdoor lenses can improve human eye comfort in a variety of light conditions, using high-definition polarization technology to keep your eyes comfortable. Recommended reading: Oakley sunglasses for who to wear the famous mountain bike enthusiast Nino Schurter Nino Schurter said 'the new spectrum of sharp wisdom? Mountain lens is an innovation in the field of mountain biking. This kind of lens makes me better It’s easier to see the mountain road and ride faster and safer. With the enhanced red and brown, I can better distinguish the land, stones and tree roots in the background of the mountain.' Zach Johnson, the professional golfer of the United States Said 'Since I started wearing Oakley's new Spectrum Sharp? Golf lenses, I have been able to get a better clear vision when playing golf. I can see the route more clearly, and I can better perceive the speed and the outline of the green area. 'Recommended reading: How about Oakley sunglasses. Another thing worth mentioning is that Oakley also has a sunglasses that everyone has seen. As shown above, this is Oakley sunglasses made with rimless toric geometric lenses. Comes with a simple appearance and a broad field of vision.
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