What are the characteristics of good quality sunglasses

u003cbru003eWhen the sun is violent, our first reaction is to sunscreen. There are many ways and angles of sunscreen. For example, you can apply sunscreen, you can wear a hat, and of course, there is a popular method-wear sunglasses. You need to buy good quality sunglasses so that they can play their role. So what are the characteristics of good quality sunglasses? Gucci GG3675/S Women's sunglasses Black Gold 4WHJJ Judging the pros and cons of sunglasses, you can look at the quality and aesthetics. There are personal factors in aesthetics, but there are certain standards for quality. The quality of sunglasses mainly refers to the quality of the lenses. At present, the universal standard in the world is the US Food and Drug Inspection Agency (F·D·A) standard. 1. According to the F·D·A standard, the lens should filter out more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays in the sun while ensuring the light transmittance. The lens should be affixed with the label 'UV-100PROTCT10N'. When 100% of the ultraviolet rays are filtered out, it should be affixed 'UV-400PROTCT10N' label, so it is very important to check the UV label on the lens. 2. The lens cannot have the 'power' that an optical lens has. Generally, if the diopter exceeds 15%, you will feel dizzy when wearing it. 3. The lens must have high strength and pass the impact resistance test. Generally speaking, the strength of plastic sheets (propionic acid or cellulose acetate), resin sheets, and glass sheets ranges from small to large. Gucci GG3675/S Women's Sunglasses Black Gold 4WHJJ Faced with dozens of brands and thousands of styles of sunglasses, how do you choose the sunglasses that suit you? People who often ride bicycles are best to wear resin sunglasses; when exercising, wear a more curved frame Large sports sunglasses or add a strap or chain; people with nearsightedness or hyperopia can wear sunglasses clip or wear special optical sunglasses. In spring and autumn, choose sunglasses with lighter lenses and stable frame colors; in winter, choose more gorgeous frame colors, and wear sports sunglasses with color film on snowy days. In winter, choose sunglasses with slightly larger frames to prevent wind. A pair of sunglasses may vary in price due to differences in brand, material, packaging, style, color, and publicity. Consumers should fully consider manufacturing costs, sales and services, and other links. The quality of sunglasses worth twenty or thirty yuan is often not guaranteed. Go to a larger spectacle store or a spectacle counter in a big shopping mall to buy, generally you can get a better guarantee in terms of quality inspection, sanitary inspection, and so on. Related Reading: Gucci Sunglasses Prada Sunglasses
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