What are the considerations for the selection of myopia sunglasses?

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-03-26
u003cbru003eIn order to prevent your eyes from being damaged by the summer sun, you must choose a suitable pair of sunglasses. Especially if you wear poor quality sunglasses for myopia, it will not only not protect your eyes, but also damage your eyes even more, so you must be cautious when buying. Recommended reading: How to choose the best sunglasses. If you want to wear sunglasses for myopia, there are several ways: contact lenses + sunglasses: I won't say more about this, the subject of the subject does not apply. Polarized clip: clip is more convenient, but not beautiful. And the clamping is very twisted and easy to loosen. Dyed myopic sunglasses: The lenses dyed in ordinary stores are easy to change color and have a short life span. Pre-dyed by professional lens factory, the color is more stable, but the price is more expensive. Suction lens set: It is more stable than the clip, but it is heavier, and it is often removed and worn, which is easy to wear. Polarized sunglasses for myopia: very powerful.   The reflected glare formed by sunlight on water, snow, and road surfaces often causes eye discomfort and fatigue. Polarized sunglasses can effectively filter out these irregular reflections, making the surrounding scenery look soft and not dazzling. Especially for those who drive, fish, and love sports, it is best to wear polarized sunglasses for myopia. Even if you don’t exercise regularly, it’s a bargain to buy. It’s lighter, more stylish and has a longer life span than other methods.  The disadvantage is that if the degree of myopia is deep, the lens will be thicker, and it is still possible within 800 degrees. Of course, MR-8 lenses with a refractive index of 1.6 can also be used, which will be much thinner, but the price is slightly more expensive. Popularize some common sense of glasses.   Diopter:    The refractive power of the lens is actually the power we usually call, and it is the most important parameter of the lens.   The thickness is basically proportional to the refractive power, but there are also ways to reduce the thickness of the lens.   Refractive index:    Refractive index is the ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to the speed of light in the material.   In the case of the same power, the larger the refractive index, the thinner the lens, the lighter and more beautiful the lens, and the higher the price, but the larger the refractive index is not the better, which involves the Abbe number of the lens.  Abbe number:   Different colors of light have different refractive indexes in the medium. After being refracted by the lens, the light propagation direction will be different, causing the sunlight composed of multicolor light to appear different colors of dispersion. This phenomenon is chromatic dispersion. Dispersion will affect the clarity of the field of view.   Abbe number is a numerical value used to measure the degree of dispersion. The larger the Abbe number, the smaller the dispersion, and vice versa.   Generally speaking, the larger the refractive index and the smaller the Abbe number, the more serious the dispersion will be.   Therefore, when choosing lenses, you cannot blindly pursue a large refractive index. Not to mention raising the price, it will also reduce the clarity of the field of view. Generally speaking, the refractive index should be selected according to the power of the lens. For the low power, you can choose the low refractive index, and for the high power, you can choose the large refractive index. High myopia can only choose high refractive index, otherwise the lens will become the bottom of the wine bottle. Basically, you can select the refractive index according to the following method:    select 1.50 for 200 degrees or less, 1.50 for 200~400 degrees, or 1.56 for 400 to 600 degrees, 1.60 for 400 to 600 degrees, 1.67 for 600 to 800 degrees, and 1.74 for 800 degrees or more.
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