What are the functions of polarized sunglasses?

u003cbru003ePolarized glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses have the function of polarizing light, which can block all harmful light from the lens without affecting the passage of visible light, and protect the eyes. Polarized sunglasses not only have the function of anti-ultraviolet rays, but also have the function of reflecting light on the road, scaly light on the water surface, and anti-glare. The production principle of polarized sun: Polarized sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare, and at the same time can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. All this is due to the metal powder filter, which can 'select' the light when it hits it. Polarized sunglasses can selectively absorb some of the wavelengths that make up the sun's rays because they use very fine metal powders (iron, copper, nickel, etc.). Polarized sunglasses provide another mechanism for eye protection. The reflected light from the asphalt road is relatively special polarized light. The difference between this reflected light and the light directly from the sun or any artificial light source lies in order. Polarized light is formed by waves that vibrate all the way in one direction, while ordinary light is formed by waves that vibrate non-directionally. This is like a group of people walking in disorder and a group of soldiers marching in order, forming a sharp dialogue. Generally speaking, reflected light is an orderly light. Polarized sunglasses are very suitable for driving, fishing, traveling and other daily life and work needs. The surface of various objects will reflect the light more or less. For example: when driving, looking at the asphalt road in the distance is like a mirror on the ground, when fishing, the surface of the lake reflects the light and the fish floats cannot be seen clearly. These are all due to irregularities. The glare caused by the messy light generated by the reflection. Compared with ordinary sunglasses, polarized sunglasses add a layer of polarizing film in the middle of the lens, which guides the direction of light through its polarization to remove the messy light entering the human eye, which plays a role of anti-glare. But ordinary sunglasses do not have this function. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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