What are the models of Ray-Ban toad mirror?

u003cbru003eToad mirror is a kind of sunglasses, large lens, lens color can be light brown, gray, gray-green, etc., can also be reflective coating. Such a toad mirror can highlight the atmosphere of modern people, publicity, and there will be a stubborn and domineering attitude that refuses to admit defeat. In the 1970s, Ray-Ban sunglasses were basically synonymous with toad mirrors. Two panda-eye-like lenses and metal frames were the mainstream of toad mirrors at that time. This style originated from the US Air Force swept the world's young rock and roll youths. Very popular. Ray-Ban RB3025 Unisex Sunglasses 001/58 Gold Frame Dark Green Film Now let’s take a look at Ray-Ban toad mirror models:    Ray-Ban toad mirrors are designed according to the width of the face. The models can be divided into: RB 3025, RB 3026, RB 3523 , RB 3449, and the corresponding 'RB 3025' or 'RB 3026' is marked on the left side of the frame.   Ray-Ban toad mirror models have different numbers and suffixes, representing different glasses styles, materials and colors. Some models have the same name, but different suffixes and different prices. For example: RB3025-004/58-62, RB3025-001/5758, which represent the same glasses style, but the lens and frame have different colors and materials. Ray-Ban RB3523 Men’s Sunglasses 112/2Y/Golden Brown/Colorful Pink    Therefore, you must see the model of Ray-Ban frog mirror, the color and material of the lens and frame when you buy it. If there is a little difference, the price may vary greatly. For more introduction or product details of Ray-Ban Toad Mirror, please go to view. Related Reading: Ray-Ban Sunglasses Model Toad Mirror
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