What are the risks of buying sunglasses online and what to pay attention to

u003cbru003eCommodities such as sunglasses are honestly too expensive in the mall, and you can’t find anything you like in the shops outside, so online shopping has become a popular way. But online shopping is more risky than ordinary on-site shopping, and there are actually many things we need to pay attention to. Ray-Ban RB4225 Men's Sunglasses 646/55 Transparent Online shopping cannot see the real thing, so pay more attention to the introduction of the product. Products like sunglasses must not only be of high quality, but also suitable for ourselves, so when we choose, we must first choose a reliable online store, and secondly, we must choose sunglasses that suit our face, identity, and skin tone. A good matching of sunglasses and face shape is an artifact of concave shape. Today, you don’t want to make up, wear sunglasses and go out! Panda eyes are afraid to go out today, wear sunglasses to go out! If you want to have a stylish look today, go out with sunglasses! Now, sunglasses are for many people It is already the 'sixth organ' besides the five senses. It is often used to modify imperfect facial shapes and to look cool and handsome. However, you should choose sunglasses according to your face shape. You can't say anything! In fact, sunglasses can also be used to modify the face shape just like the hairstyle. According to facial contours, it can be roughly divided into 6 face shapes. The specific sunglasses to wear depends on the face shape! Sunglasses are matched with skin tone and the protective effect of various colors. Ray-Ban RB4242 Unisex glasses frame 6201/13 brown, usually, light skin tone People who choose lighter colors should choose glasses frames with lighter colors. For those with darker skin color, they can choose glasses frames with heavier colors. For example, those with white skin can choose soft pink, tortoiseshell color or golden silver frame, which is slightly darker. For skin color, you can choose red, black or tortoiseshell color. For those with darker skin, it is recommended to choose dark glasses to give a sense of harmony; for those with fair skin, you can choose lighter glasses, which will look calmer and more refreshing. You can also choose pink and blue frames to increase youthfulness. If you want to look whiter, you can choose dark glasses frames. Related reading: Brand-name sunglasses, brand-name glasses
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