What are the sunglasses lenses

u003cbru003eSunglasses are very popular glasses. Not only is this lens cool and handsome to wear, but also because it can well protect the eye health and block the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the eyes. However, due to the many colors of sunglasses lenses, many friends have no way of choosing. I don't know how to choose the sunglasses that suits me. Take a look at Xiaobian's meticulous recommendation. 1. Brown lenses: filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity, and it is better to wear under severe air pollution or foggy conditions. Generally, it can block the reflected light from a smooth and shiny surface, and the wearer can still see the subtle parts. It is an ideal choice for drivers. It can completely absorb the purple and cyan in the light, and absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared soft tones, so that the eyes are not easy to fatigue. It is a very good protective lens. Generally speaking, gray lenses and brown lenses are common ones on the market and have good performance. YC9709 Women's sunglasses C4 tortoiseshell/lens gray 2, green lens: while absorbing light, it maximizes the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue. 3. Blue-gray lenses: similar to gray lenses, they belong to neutral lenses, but the color is darker and the visible light absorption rate is higher. 4. Light blue, light pink and other lenses: the same lenses are more decorative than practical. Red lenses are not as effective as gray, tea, and green in blocking ultraviolet and infrared rays. But because pink is soft, the psychological benefits to the wearer outweigh the actual effects. Ray-Ban RB4221-F Men’s Sunglasses 6170/55 Blue 5, Gray Lenses: Gray lenses can absorb any color spectrum evenly, so the scene will only darken, but there will be no obvious chromatic aberration, showing a real and natural feeling. It belongs to the neutral color system. It can completely absorb infrared rays and most of the ultraviolet rays, and will not change the original color of the scene. Gentle and natural colors are a popular choice for lenses. 6. Yellow lens: It can absorb 100% of ultraviolet rays and most of the blue light. After absorbing blue light, the scene you see will be clearer, so we can find that it is also possible to wear yellow lenses as a filter when hunting or shooting. . Strictly speaking, this type of lens is not a sunglasses lens because it hardly reduces visible light, but in foggy and twilight hours, yellow lenses can improve contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision goggles. Some young people wear 'sunglasses' with yellow lenses as decoration. 7. Dark green lens: It can absorb all infrared and 99% ultraviolet, red and blue in the light can be blocked, and the color of the scene can be changed. But because it absorbs the heat, it brings a cool feeling, but the light transmittance and clarity are low. It is suitable for wearing in the sun, but not when driving. 8. Blue lenses: Sun blue lenses can be worn when playing on the beach. Blue can effectively filter out the light blue reflected by the sea and sky. We should avoid using blue lenses when driving, because it will make us unable to distinguish the color of the traffic signal. Related Reading: Lenses
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