What are the types of myopia sunglasses

u003cbru003eExcessive sun exposure may cause eye diseases such as cataracts, but myopic friends who wear myopia can hardly wear sunglasses anymore. In the hot summer, do my myopic friends also want to have a pair of sunglasses of their own? With the development of technology, manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the development of differentiated products, so there are many varieties of myopic sunglasses to choose from. Myopia sunglasses are mainly divided into the following types: YC9702 Women's sunglasses C3 black/colorful blue lenses. Myopia sunglasses. Myopia sunglasses are a matching design of myopia sunglasses, that is, put a pair of customized sunglasses on the outside of myopia glasses . This means that myopia glasses can be used alone and can be worn all year round. And you can easily take off the sunglasses when you enter the house and other places where the light is not strong to avoid visual fatigue. However, the styles of this kind of myopia sunglasses are limited, and the choice is relatively small. Ray-Ban RB3532 Men’s Sunglasses 001/68 Gold Myopia Clips make the lens of the sunglasses into thin clips and clip them on the myopia glasses to realize the function of myopia sunglasses. This kind of matching is cheap, and it is more convenient to wear and take off. However, the sunglasses clip has requirements for the size and shape of the myopia glasses frame, because it is not customized, it is inevitable that there will be unmatched situations, which will affect the appearance. In addition, the small clip at the connection of the clip increases the weight of the glasses and is more easily damaged; the available colors and lens shapes are relatively limited. Ray-Ban RB8056 Men’s Sunglasses 175/6Q Tortoiseshell Myopia Lenses is about combining the myopia lens and the sunglasses lens into one, adding the corresponding degree of myopia to the sunglasses. Large choice and more beautiful. At present, myopia sunglasses are mainly divided into three types, 1, dyed myopia sunglasses, 2, polarized myopia sunglasses, 3, and color-changing myopia sunglasses. In addition, you can wear contact lenses first and then sunglasses, but it is more troublesome and the summer heat can easily cause corneal inflammation. If you cannot wear contact lenses and have high requirements on the style of sunglasses, you can choose sunglasses after the myopia surgery. The editor reminds patients with myopia: First, the degree of myopic sunglasses must be accurate, and the second is the quality. It is recommended to go to a professional optical shop or institution for optometry and glasses. Don't buy one casually, so as not to hurt your eyes. Related Reading: Sunglasses Myopia Sunglasses
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