What are the ways to wear sunglasses for myopia?

u003cbru003eMyopia glasses and sunglasses are two different glasses in many people's minds. This also makes many myopia who want to wear sunglasses feel annoyed. In fact, through the continuous innovation of technology and eyewear designers, The relationship between sunglasses has been improved very well, and many myopia can also be seen on the street that have applied these technologies. So what are the ways to wear sunglasses for myopia? 1. Myopia can wear contact lenses before choosing their own sunglasses, which is no different from people with normal vision. 9803c3 frame black lens gray frog mirror polarized sunglasses myopia sunglasses 2. For the original myopia, you can buy flat clip sunglasses or adsorption sunglasses, which are very convenient and cheap, but the overall feeling of adding this way is not very good , There is a certain obstruction to the people's vision, this kind of clip-on sunglasses will also increase the weight of the glasses, which will bring a feeling of discomfort. 3. This is a particularly effective method with little damage to eyesight, that is, consumers can use resin lenses to dye the wearer's favorite color according to the wearer's actual eyesight to make myopic sunglasses, and use sunglasses during outdoor activities. , It is more troublesome to change to the original glasses indoors, the only inconvenience is. 4. The color-changing lens is also an option, but the range of the luminosity of the color-changing lens is limited, and the lens is thicker and heavier when the height is counted, and the influence on the light transmittance is relatively large, and the color changing effect is also not good. In short, the above methods of wearing sunglasses for myopia have disadvantages and advantages. Consumers still have to choose which method is better according to their actual situation, and choose suitable sunglasses according to the different degrees of myopia. Related Reading: Myopia Sunglasses Myopia Polarizer
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