What are your misunderstandings about choosing sunglasses


When traveling in spring, we can see more and more fashionable men and women start to wear sunglasses. It is now more than just an ornament. People are starting to notice the protective effect of sunglasses on the eyes. A pair of glasses is not only It can improve the appearance and protect the eyes, so it is naturally sought after by more people. So how do you choose sunglasses that you are satisfied with from the dazzling sunglasses market? Sorted out a few common misunderstandings about sunglasses selection to help everyone choose sunglasses better. Recommended reading: There are also university questions when choosing sunglasses. First, not all sunglasses can be 100% UV-resistant. For sunglasses with UV-resistant function, there are usually the following explicit ways: 1. Mark 'UV400': it means the isolation wavelength of the lens against ultraviolet rays. It is 400nm, that is, its maximum spectral transmittance at a wavelength below 400nm cannot be greater than 2%. 2. Mark 'UV' and 'UV protection': it means that the blocking wavelength of the lens against ultraviolet rays is 380nm. 3. Mark '100% UV absorption': it means that the lens has 100% absorption of ultraviolet rays, which means that the average transmittance in the ultraviolet range is not more than 0.5%. Generally, the sunglasses with the above labels can be regarded as sunglasses that have a protective function against ultraviolet rays in the true sense. Those sunglasses without labels are probably just borrowed from the name 'sunglasses' and are shoddy. 2. Polarized sunglasses are better than ordinary sunglasses. Sunglasses have different functions. They are divided into five types: polarized lenses, anti-reflective coated lenses, colored lenses, painted lenses, and color-changing lenses. And these five kinds of lenses have different functional effects. Polarized lenses can block glare and make the field of vision clear and natural, generally suitable for outdoor sports such as driving, fishing, going out to sea, skiing, etc.; anti-reflective coated lenses are coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride to prevent glare reflection, suitable for snow Or where there is strong reflection; colored lenses are also called dyed lenses. During the lens production process, some chemicals are added to make the lenses appear colorful. This is the most common lens type for sunglasses; painted lenses and colored lenses The presentation effect is the same, but the production method is different. It is to paint the color on the surface of the lens. The familiar gradient-type painted lens has the darkest color on the top, and then gradually lightens down. Generally, sunglasses with power are painted in color Processing the lens; the color changing lens can change the color according to the intensity of the light. The reason is that there is a silver halide skiing substance on the lens, so that the originally transparent lens will turn into a colored lens when encountering strong light for protection. This kind of lens is suitable Both indoor and outdoor use. Third, foreign big names are different from the good made in China. Easterners and Westerners have different face shapes. Westerners have sharp edges and corners, their facial features are deeper than Easterners, and the border between light and dark is very beautiful. Foreign brands are more suitable for their three-dimensional contours, and may not necessarily be able to suit the unique oriental temperament of our Orientals, so when choosing sunglasses, it is most important to choose the right one. 4. Sunglasses are fine as long as they are worn in summer. Many people think that sunglasses are just the way to wear them in summer, and they are unnecessary in winter. In fact, it is not. Wearing sunglasses is to protect the eyes and prevent ultraviolet rays. In the cold winter, the atmospheric permeability is strong, and ultraviolet rays are easier to penetrate the air to reach the surface of the earth. At the same time, sunlight shining on the white snow will produce strong reflections, which can also cause damage to the eyes, so in winter You also need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. 5. The concept that sunglasses can not be changed all the year round is seriously wrong. As time goes by, the lenses of sunglasses will age, making it uncomfortable to wear over time. Incorrect glasses maintenance habits can also damage the sunglasses, such as taking off the glasses with one hand, improper handling of the lenses in water and dirt, and exposure to strong light. The above are the misunderstandings when choosing sunglasses. Many people only know that sunglasses are good, but they don’t know that sunglasses are really good. They are not suitable for their own sunglasses. No matter how beautiful they are, they are just decorations. They are not good for eye protection. Hope You can keep your eyes open and don't be fooled by the beautiful appearance of sunglasses. Related reading: Sunglasses
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