What brand of sunglasses is good

u003cbru003eIn the hot summer, sunglasses have become a must-have for fashionable men and women to go out or go shopping, because they can protect the eyes and make the overall look more fashionable and stylish. However, the products of sunglasses are dazzling, so what brand of sunglasses is good? Different consumers have different answers. When buying sunglasses, you must first know what kind of sunglasses you want. When you choose the sunglasses that suit you, the brand of sunglasses is good for you. So how to choose sunglasses? Buy good sunglasses, that is, look at the quality of the sunglasses, carefully observe whether the surface of the sunglasses is smooth, whether there are wear marks, bubbles, etc., otherwise it will cause bad visual effects and cause dizziness and other discomfort. Secondly, check carefully whether the lens of the sunglasses is deformed. You can take the product 45 cm away from the eye, and observe the vertical and horizontal lines around you through the glasses. Move the glasses up and down. If there is a linear distortion or swing, it is not suitable buy. In addition, pay attention to the color of the lens of the sunglasses. From the perspective of light transmission and visual comfort, dark gray is better. You can choose medium-deep green, gray, brown, etc., instead of red, because red lenses absorb ultraviolet rays The effect is poor and cannot protect the eyes. The human body has an instinctive response to self-protection. When the eyes are exposed to strong light, the pupils will naturally shrink, and the intensity of the ultraviolet rays passing through will also be reduced. Although sunglasses do not have the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays, the pupils shrink much less because of the weak light after wearing them. At this time, in the face of the 'invasion' of ultraviolet rays, the eyes are opened wide, which is very harmful. So don't wear inappropriate or inferior sunglasses, otherwise it will not only not protect the eyes, but also cause great damage to the eyes. Top ten brands of sunglasses: 1, Du0026G sunglasses 2, Versace sunglasses 3, Ray-Ban sunglasses 4, Prada sunglasses 5, CK sunglasses 6, gucci sunglasses 7, Tyrannosaurus sunglasses 8, Baosheng sunglasses 9, Paramount sunglasses 10, Dolphin Sunglasses article title: What brand of sunglasses is good article finishing:
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