What color is tortoiseshell

u003cbru003eWhen choosing glasses, we will come across a choice of 'tortoiseshell'. I don't know how many children's shoes are suspicious. What is the so-called 'tortoiseshell color'? Is there such a color? What do you mean? I have never heard of it. Look here for children's shoes that don't understand! I will tell you today what is tortoiseshell and what is tortoiseshell. It is said that such a character named 'Tortoiseshell' appeared in the recent hit 'Miyue Biography'. Who is the screenwriter of this play? I really want to get to know! Miyue, Tortoiseshell, this name came from It's not popular and understandable! But the 'tortoiseshell' I said today is not the 'tortoiseshellHawksbill turtles are actually a kind of turtles of the reptile class. They look like this: the horny plate on the back of the hawksbill turtle is arranged in a tile-like pattern, and its surface is smooth, with brown and light yellow patterns. 'Tortoiseshell' actually came from the pattern of tortoiseshell! Now the tortoiseshell colors we are talking about are actually similar pattern colors. It feels a bit like leopard print. Next, I will show you what tortoiseshell glasses look like. 2167 tortoiseshell color C2 plate trendy unisex glasses frame 50001 tortoiseshell color C02 plate casual unisex spectacle frame FB5042 tortoiseshell color C02 medium size full frame plate neutral myopia spectacle frame Tortoiseshell glasses, do you have a certain understanding of tortoiseshell colors? Do you think that tortoiseshell glasses are fashionable, beautiful and versatile like the editor? Such versatile and personalized glasses, how can there be no one pair! Related reading: tortoiseshell glasses frame styles
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