What details should be paid attention to when wearing glasses and makeup?

u003cbru003eAfter putting on the makeup and putting on the glasses frame, the effect is no longer obvious. This has become a big problem for many myopic female friends who love makeup. Today, glasses have summarized the following principles of wearing glasses and makeup for the majority of myopia, so that you will be more comfortable in the future operation. 1. If the eyebrows are messy, you should use the eyebrow styling liquid to shape the eyebrows after the eyebrow pencil is dyed. The transparent eyebrow styling liquid has a texture like mascara, which can tame irregular eyebrows and keep you clean and tidy at all times. If you don't need to shave your eyebrows, just apply a layer of transparent styling liquid. 2. If the dark circles are more obvious, then you can ignore the step of drawing the eyeliner to prevent the visual effect of the dark circles from being highlighted. Even if you don't draw eyeliner, brushing lashes with mascara can enlarge your eyes. The glasses themselves already have a frame effect, so the eyeliner needs to be relatively soft. When drawing eyeliner, it is better to use eyeliner powder with a soft effect and avoid hard-line eyeliner with strong styling. After painting, use a cotton swab to lighten up the eyeliner. 3. Always curl your eyelashes before applying mascara, otherwise the eyelashes may be damaged. Attach the eyelash curler to the root of the eyelashes, hold it down, and pull it up for 10 seconds, just once, and then apply mascara. If you apply mascara first and then curl your eyelashes, the eyelashes will become brittle and fall off more easily. 4. The curved glass lens will accentuate dark circles and dark yellow skin, giving a sense of age. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out proper skin tone correction and concealer. Use a makeup brush to brush the skin tone correction fluid (or foundation) on the inner corner of the eye area, and then use your fingers to blend it into the skin tone. Before applying concealer to reduce dark circles under the eyes, wipe clean the makeup brush with a paper towel. 5. If the eye area is red, don't use pink or purple eye shadow. These colors can increase the redness and swelling of the eyes. In order to make the eyes fuller, the eyeshadow should be gradually added from light to dark, with a light color as the base, with a medium tone on the eyelid above the eyeball, and then a darker color to sweep into the end of the eye. Related reading: glasses style glasses frame
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