What factors should be considered for children's sunglasses?

u003cbru003eGuide: What factors should be considered for children’s glasses and children’s sunglasses? Parents and friends should pay attention to it! Because the child can't distinguish it yet, mom and dad need to bother to buy! The choice of children's glasses has been introduced in the previous article. Friends in need please refer to 'What factors should be considered for children's glasses? 》The choice of sunglasses: Be sure to choose the products with complete product identification, national quality certification, YV-proof 100% UV-proof, and excellent optical performance. Avoid wearing sunglasses that are damaged by the child's eyesight due to quality problems. The choice of the color of sunglasses: dark gray is appropriate, the color distortion caused by dark gray lenses is small, and the color perception is good. You should try to avoid choosing yellow or red that is easy to cause fatigue. In addition, glasses still have to talk about: children have not yet reached the adult level of visual development, and it is not suitable to wear colored lenses for a long time. It is recommended to wear them only when playing outdoors. Children's Day is coming, give your child a gift! Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses Polarized
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