What high-end sunglasses brands are there in the world


High-end sunglasses are not only because their materials are expensive, but more importantly, because high-end sunglasses interpret trends and temperament perfectly, which can greatly improve a person's overall temperament, and careful design can not only It makes the wearer feel very comfortable and can achieve the ultimate in UV protection. Then let's take a look at the top ten high-end sunglasses brands in the world. 1. Gentle Monster, a local Korean sunglasses brand, based on 'experience' , A collection of five areas: product, space, style, culture, and technology to convey surprises and excitement to the world. 2. Ray-Ban was founded in the United States in 1930 and is dedicated to air force pilots. Ray-Ban RB4125F men's sunglasses 901 black The top ten brands of Dragon Glasses, a company specializing in the production and design of glasses and sunglasses, and a large-scale glasses frame manufacturer. 4. Baosheng Prosun was founded in 1993, the exclusive dedicated sunglasses brand for the Chinese Antarctic and Arctic expeditions, and a professional sunglasses manufacturer 5. Gucci Gucci began in 1921, one of Italy's largest fashion groups, a world-renowned luxury brand, and a classic 'Made in Italy'. Gucci GG3685/F/S ladies sunglasses gradient black 6UDHD6, Dior began in France in 1947, A brand that represents the essence of noble and elegant life style, a world-renowned brand. 7, Armani Armani was founded in Milan in 1975, a world-renowned luxury brand, one of the world's most famous designer brands. 8, Oakley was founded in 1975, sunglasses Top ten brands, internationally well-known brands, specialized in the production and design of glasses and sunglasses. 9. Ports PORTS was founded in 1961, an internationally renowned fashion clothing brand, loved by Chinese intellectual women, and one of the top ten professional women's wear brands. 10. Dolphin PORPOISE was founded in 1993 in Hong Kong, a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, and one of the leading companies in the Chinese eyewear industry. Every high-end sunglasses brand has a different positioning for fashion and crowds, so choosing sunglasses is not only about choosing styles , Brand, make you look more fashionable, but also choose sunglasses that suit your life and work environment, and take the role of protecting your eyes as the main starting point. Related reading: high-end sunglasses Gucci sunglasses
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