What is a sunglasses clip?

u003cbru003eThere is a special product called 'sunglasses clipIt can turn myopia glasses into sunglasses, so that people's eyes can be better protected. Recommended reading: Sunglasses are indispensable when driving in summer. How do we choose sunglasses clips? First, whether the sunglasses clips have a polarizing effect. The effect of polarized light can help us distinguish reflected light and objects under strong light. It can be applied to people who are fishing, skiing or driving. Under normal circumstances, sunglasses clips will have this function, but the regular brands will have polarized light test cards, and they will be presented to consumers in fish and water patterns, so you can try on sunglasses clips, if you can see To fish, it shows that its polarizing effect is good. Second, whether it has UV function. When consumers buy sunglasses clips, they must confirm whether the product has the function of UV protection; if only the filter function does not have the UV protection function, it cannot completely block the UV radiation, and the damage to the eyes cannot be avoided. . Third, check the structure of the sunglasses clip. If it is not a regular brand, iron devices are generally used, which will make the lens easily scratched and even cause damage to the eyes. On the contrary, if we choose a big brand, its quality will also be guaranteed. When the lens is in contact with it, it will avoid the phenomenon of silicone separation.
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