What is myopia? Myopia also loves sunglasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-03-24
u003cbru003eThe sun is scorching in summer, and sunglasses have become a must-have item for sun protection and eye protection. However, it is not easy to wear sunglasses for a large number of myopic people. It is necessary to ensure vision, sunscreen and filter light, and to be beautiful and generous. Therefore, myopic sunglasses tailored for myopic people came into being, and they are quite popular. Consumers favor. Ray-Ban RB2132-F Men’s Sunglasses 622/17 Black/Colorful Blue Myopia Sunglasses are divided into four types. Currently, myopia sunglasses are mainly divided into four types. The first type is dyed sunglasses, which will dye ordinary myopia lenses with color, and the price is reasonable, but the UV protection effect is not good; the second type is polarized myopia sunglasses, the color styles can be customized according to consumers' wishes, beautiful styles, and effective UV protection, But the light transmittance is not enough, it is not suitable for indoor use; the third type is clip-on myopia sunglasses, you can add a sunglasses clip outside your myopia, you can turn up and down according to the light, the contrast is convenient, but it is not beautiful; The fourth type is myopia sunglasses with color-changing lens. This type of lens can automatically change color according to the intensity of light, which is convenient and beautiful, but the price is higher. The second type is currently the most respected by consumers. Small mirror type, gray and brown films are the first choice. There are many styles of sunglasses on the market, but not all styles are suitable for myopia sunglasses. For custom-made myopia sunglasses, it is advisable to choose a smaller lens style. The lens diameter should be within 62mm, which is conducive to conforming to the consumer's refractive and interpupillary distance, making it more comfortable and clear after wearing. The large lens type can also be customized, but it is more difficult. It simply causes the interpupillary distance to be incorrect, dizziness and discomfort. It is necessary to go to a professional optical shop to make it. The color of the lens is mainly gray and brown. These two colors are more conducive to ensuring the reality of vision, viewing objects without chromatic aberration and distortion, and suitable for myopic people. Ray-Ban RB4125F Men's Sunglasses 901 black prevailing style, everyone loves sunglasses, in addition to functionality, it is also an important decoration. It is suitable to wear and will modify the face, making it look handsome, cool and fashionable. According to Zhou Ning, the person in charge of Hengdeli Eyewear, the prevailing styles of sunglasses on the market are mainly French style, Italian simple style and American casual style. French sunglasses are mostly butterfly-shaped lenses, showing a modern and splendid style; Italian sunglasses are large-scale, with a face-covered design, and more concise; American sunglasses have a sporty style, such as the retro 'otaku' model of Rayban brand, a classic aviator Toad mirror and so on. Ray-Ban RB3449 Men's Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55 Myopia Sunglasses Questions and Answers Q: Is there a limit for myopia sunglasses? A: It is better not to be higher than 600 degrees, otherwise the lens is too thick and the base curve is too large, which will simply cause vision物变。 Deformation. Q: How much does it cost to match a pair of myopic sunglasses? A: Depending on the quality of the lenses and frames, generally 800-1000 yuan can be matched with a good pair of myopic sunglasses. Q: Where can I get myopic sunglasses? A: They can be matched in major optical shops. It is recommended to choose large-scale and standardized optical shops to make. Q: Will myopic sunglasses affect eyesight? A: As long as they are made in a standardized optical shop, the material is good, and the diopter and interpupillary distance are appropriate, the eyesight will not be affected. Related reading: Ray-Ban sunglasses myopia sunglasses
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