What is special about driving sunglasses?

u003cbru003eSunglasses can not only protect the eyes from damage under strong light, but also a fashionable and cool decoration. Especially in some jobs that are easy to make the eyes tired or hurt, the role of sunglasses is even greater. I believe that many drivers have a relatively large demand for sunglasses, so drivers must have a thorough understanding of driving sunglasses. In the minds of many drivers, the role of sunglasses is also in the cloud. From the mouths of many drivers who wear sunglasses, they know that many drivers also wear them because they look at others wearing them coolly. Most of them just know that sunglasses have Prevent the effect of sunlight. In fact, it is not true. For the driver, sunglasses can also prevent the reflection of the road, the refracted light of the windshield, the reflection of the glass walls of the buildings on both sides, etc., so without the help of sunglasses, it is easy to cause visual fatigue. In the process of switching between light and dark environments, the eyeballs will also affect driving safety because they cannot adapt instantly. YC9712 Men's Sunglasses C3 Gold/Green In addition, in snowy days, the eyes will be very uncomfortable because of the white environment. Once you enter a dark environment such as a tunnel, your eyes will be very uncomfortable. This is the phenomenon of snow blindness. When drivers choose their own sunglasses for driving, they must remember that the most suitable sunglasses for driving are 'polarized lenses'. Polarized lenses are lenses that allow directional light to pass through, allowing you to see the scenery outside the window and at the same time. It is not affected by the glare of the sun, so the polarized lens can filter the glare caused by various factors such as scattering, refraction and reflection. The final effect is to say goodbye to the stray light that affects the observation, and the light of the overall environment is not It won't be greatly dimmed, and things that need to be observed can still be seen very real. Generally, sunglasses without polarized lenses are the most common style, and the price is generally cheaper. However, in terms of filtering ability, it is not selective. The scene in front will be darker as a whole, although the bright areas are not so glaring. However, the dark place is not clear, and the problem of stray light cannot be solved. For a driving environment where the line of sight is focused, wearing such sunglasses for a long time will still have a sense of fatigue in the eyes, and there are also certain hidden dangers. It is not recommended to purchase without polarizing function. Finally, drivers with eye problems must consult clearly when choosing sunglasses for driving. The official website of the glasses has an online consultation function. Drivers in need can conduct preliminary understanding and consultation. Related Reading: Driver Glasses Driver Sunglasses
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