What is the concave shape in summer? Put on these coolest DIY sunglasses

u003cbru003eWhat do you use to make a concave shape in the hot summer? Compared with the street shooting of celebrities, although you may have tried your best to dress up, the effect is not very good. The entanglement is whether your clothes are not expensive enough? Or is your temperament poor? In fact, you just lost to the details. Look at the star street shooting. Everyone has cool big glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses, so are you ready? Seeing that this summer is almost over, if you haven’t prepared yet, don’t rush to buy it. The caring editor will prepare it for you. Plan B, so that you can also have the most attractive sunglasses concave shape! In summer, whether you are out on the street or on the beach, sunglasses are definitely something you should never leave. Sunglasses with ordinary clothes are not enough to express your extraordinary fashion taste, so you need to use your brain to DIY. Speaking of DIY, you may always think that it’s making excuses for cheaper pictures, but when you see these ↓↓ celebrities, will you still say that? First of all, let’s talk about Rihanna. The look on the Victoria’s Secret show is definitely It has been carefully prepared, and the most deliberate thing is not the black super inlaid with pearls! Here is the big word 'Scheming Bitch'! Do you think Riri is just like on the stage? People are fashionable. The celebrities in the circle, so in private, they also have a concave shape. The sunglasses that went out on the street this time are also intentional~ But this time Riri changed to diamonds, which fully shows that 'my sister is rich'! In addition to Riri, can Olivia Palermo, who also has a dominant position in the fashion circle, fall behind? Windy sunglasses! Of course, not just celebrities. On the streets of foreign countries, there will be many trendy people wearing sunglasses outside of DIY. Anyway, as long as you have a good idea, it’s okay. After seeing so many, are you itching to make your own pull-out sunglasses? Get it now! ↓↓Maybe these can give you inspiration. Let’s try the same Rihanna style first! It’s actually very easy to make. First prepare glue, sunglasses and pearls. Apply some glue on the pearls and fix them along the edges of the sunglasses. Riri's sunglasses are inlaid with pearls even on the temples. If you think that is too dazzling, you can omit it. In short, just do what you want. There are many ways to make pearl sunglasses. If you don’t think the above one has any sense of design, then try this ↓↓Just a few pearls and simple embellishment are ok! First prepare the pearl stickers, of course, you still need glue. Stick it firmly! Just stick it on top of the glasses (don’t obstruct your vision!) If you are going to the beach, then bring such exaggerated and dynamic ones. Does it go well with your bikini or flower skirt~! Now~ First, prepare hard cardboard, sunglasses, scissors and glue. Choose a model with a pattern you like, and draw it on paper with a pencil. And then use scissors to cut out according to the drawn outline. After the cut, take out the sunglasses, avoiding the middle of the lens of the sunglasses, and stick the cut pattern on the cardboard with glue. Such a pair of girly sunglasses is ready! Of course, if you think that sunglasses made of cardboard are easy to go to the beach, then try to use nail polish instead of cardboard. Nail polishes that are not used up by women at home can be put to great use! First, turn out all the discarded nail polishes in your home and prepare as many colors as possible. Of course, you must prepare a pair of sunglasses. First apply brown nail polish along the frame of the sunglasses. After drying, apply a layer of pink nail polish along the inner ring. Then use different colors of nail polish as an embellishment, such a donut-like sunglasses is ready! Does it feel summery when you wear it out!? Here ↓ ↓This is definitely a lot of elegant women. Like it! You only need to prepare some metal flower decorations. In addition, you should prepare sunglasses with metal rods at the junction of the lenses, so that the effect is perfect. Simply glue the metal flowers to the sunglasses and let them dry. or like this↓↓This is definitely a trouble-free and convenient production method! Spread the glue evenly on the edge of the frame, and sprinkle the prepared golden decorations on it! How about, you learn this article from YOKA Fashion Network, If you want to delete, please contact kaity@yichao.cn Related reading: Fashion Sunglasses, Famous Brand Sunglasses
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