What is the difference between different colors of sunglasses


In outdoor activities, especially in plateau areas with strong ultraviolet rays, white ski slopes and places with dazzling light, many travel friends use sunglasses to block the dazzling light. Wearing sunglasses can reduce fatigue or strong eye adjustment. The damage caused by light stimulation can also play a decorative role. Do you know the difference between different colors of sunglasses? I believe that if many friends do not have a special knowledge of life, what they usually see in life is to see the colorful sunglasses that people wear, but they don’t know them. What are the differences and their respective functional characteristics. Today, the editor is here to popularize this knowledge for everyone!     9803 Gray Sunglasses 1. Gray film belongs to the neutral color system and can absorb any color spectrum evenly. Although the scene will become darker, there will be no obvious color difference, which can show Real and natural feeling. Suitable for outdoor activities who like sightseeing and photography. 2. The blue-gray lens is similar to the gray lens and belongs to the neutral lens, but the color is slightly darker and the visible light absorption rate is higher. If the sun is particularly bright, you can consider wearing blue-gray eyes. 3. The surface of mercury lens adopts high-density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb and reflect visible light more, and are suitable for long-term outdoor sports. 4. The brown lens filters out a lot of blue light, which can improve the visual clarity and contrast to a certain extent. If the environment is severely polluted or foggy, it is better to wear brown sunglasses. 5. In addition to absorbing part of the light, the green lens can greatly increase the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling, and is suitable for travel friends who are prone to eye fatigue. 6. The yellow lens hardly reduces the visible light, but in the foggy and twilight hours, it can improve the contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it is called night vision goggles by the traveler. Some young people wear 'sunglasses' with yellow lenses as decoration. The depth and lightness of the lens color of the sunglasses will only have a certain effect on the visible light absorption performance, but it has nothing to do with the anti-ultraviolet ability, because ultraviolet rays are invisible light, and the lens material, not the depth of the mirror color, determines the anti-UV ability of the glasses , For example, some resin lenses, although colorless and transparent, can still resist ultraviolet rays very well. After reading the introduction, do you think you should prepare a pair of sunglasses when you go out? Related reading: Sunglasses Myopia Sunglasses Myopia Polarized Sunglasses
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