What is the difference between dozens of sunglasses and hundreds of sunglasses?

u003cbru003eSunglasses are really useful things. Even for a fair-looking person, their temperament will immediately improve after wearing sunglasses. They look cool no matter what! However, there are too many styles and brands of sunglasses, ranging from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Recommended reading: Where are glasses cheaper in Chongqing Some people may ask, although inferior sunglasses are cheaper, it is better than not wearing them? wrong! If the quality of sunglasses is not up to standard, it is better not to wear them. There are two reasons: 1. Wear sunglasses for permanent damage to your eyes, and the light will dim, so people’s pupils will increase, but because your sunglasses can’t block ultraviolet rays, it is equivalent to a large amount of ultraviolet rays ingesting enlarged pupils. , It hurts the eyes more than not wearing it! Moreover, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is cumulative and irreversible. What is the difference between dozens of sunglasses and hundreds of sunglasses? 2. Damage to eyesight This is mainly a workmanship problem. General glasses, whether it is sunglasses or other glasses, have a reasonable design of optical indicators, including sphericity, prism, etc. If the design is unreasonable, it is easy to deform the eyes, causing double fatigue of the eyes, and vision loss in the long term. Good sunglasses are functionally capable of preventing ultraviolet rays; optically reduce visual distortion and protect eyesight; they are comfortable and sturdy to wear, as well as tall design and brand power, so a large number of people are willing to pay a high price! ??
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