What is the difference between ordinary sunglasses and polarized lenses

u003cbru003eSummer is here, many people will buy a pair of stylish sun-shading sunglasses at the optical shop. However, some friends will still have questions after listening to the salesperson's introduction of sunglasses and polarized sunglasses. What is the difference between ordinary sunglasses and polarized sunglasses? What? Now, take these questions and follow the glasses to find out. 1. Different functions Ordinary sunglasses use the color dyed on the lens to weaken all the light into the eyes, but all the glare, refracted light and scattered light enter the eyes, which cannot achieve the purpose of seductive. One of the functions of the polarized lens is to filter out glare, scattered light, and refracted light, only absorb the reflected light of the object itself, and truly present what you see, allowing the driver to improve vision, reduce fatigue, increase color saturation, and make the field of vision clearer. , Play the role of seductive and eye protection. 2. The principle is different. Ordinary dyed lenses use their dyeing to block all light. The object seen will change the original color of the object. What color the lens is, the object will be covered with what color. Especially when wearing it while driving, the recognition of traffic lights will have a huge color difference, and the green lights will not be recognized seriously. Become a traffic hazard. The polarizer is based on the principle of polarized light, and the objects seen will not change color. The vehicle is driving at high speed. After entering the tunnel, the light in front of your eyes with ordinary sunglasses will be dimmed. It is severely unable to see the road in front of you, and the polarizer will not affect it. 3. The degree of blocking of ultraviolet rays is different. Strong ultraviolet rays are the invisible killer of human beings. Polarized lenses were born for this purpose. The blocking rate of ultraviolet rays is 99%, while the blocking rate of ordinary dyed lenses is quite low. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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