What is the most important factor in choosing sunglasses? Style? colour? quality?

u003cbru003eEvery summer, sunglasses always become a landscape. People like to wear sunglasses in summer to prevent the strong sunlight from damaging the eyes. However, it should be noted that improper selection and wearing of sunglasses may cause damage to the eyes! Sunglasses of different colors without UV protection are more harmful than not wearing them. If you wear sunglasses improperly or choose low-quality sunglasses, it is easy to cause your eyes to be burned by ultraviolet rays. So the editor reminds everyone: 'Don't just look cool, but take care of your eyes!' Many consumers first consider style when buying sunglasses, and they can even ignore the quality of the glasses for the style. In fact, rough-worked sunglasses are very harmful to the eyes. Sunglasses can block 99% to 100% of ultraviolet rays within 0.4 microns in the spectral range. Ultraviolet rays are a lethal killer for your skin to age quickly, especially the fragile eye skin. Good quality sunglasses can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and protect your eyes and eye skin. So choose a brand with guaranteed quality for sunglasses, not just style. As for the color, it is mainly brown or gray, which can make the light beam entering the eye softer and make the vision clear and natural. However, dark sunglasses can also conceal the shortcomings of the eye shape or some eye problems, making you look more radiant. Choosing sunglasses must not be negligent, so go to a regular store or regular website to buy. Like Ray-Ban sunglasses and Tyrannosaurus sunglasses are good choices, not only the quality is guaranteed, the colors and styles are very avant-garde and fashionable. In short, when choosing sunglasses, you should not be too negligent. Only by choosing a color and style that suits you under the premise of quality can you make yourself fashionable and safe. Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Ray-Ban
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