What kind of myopia sunglasses are best for summer


In the hot summer, going to the beach is definitely the best choice. But the warm sun has caused trouble for our nearsighted people. At this time, we need a pair of sunglasses, so how should the nearsighted people choose the right sunglasses? Recommended reading: Is it necessary to bring a pair of sunglasses in summer? The classification of myopia sunglasses lenses is mainly divided into three types: color-changing myopia lenses, dyed myopia lenses, and polarized myopia lenses. These three kinds of lenses have a common advantage that they are suitable for all myopia frames and sunglasses frames with small curvatures, and they combine sunglasses and myopia glasses into one, which is more beautiful. The main characteristics of the color-changing myopia lens: the color-changing sunglasses are adjusted by the change of the ultraviolet intensity index, which can meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor wear and effectively prevent ultraviolet rays. However, if you are driving, the ultraviolet index in the car is usually unstable. The discoloration effect is not very satisfactory. The main features of dyed myopia lenses: dyed resin lenses are relatively inexpensive and economical, but ordinary dyed myopia resin lenses may not have a good UV protection effect if there is no additional coating. The main features of polarized myopia lenses: The advantage of polarized myopia lenses is that they can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays. The price is relatively high and not suitable for indoor wear. Moreover, the polarized myopia lenses currently on the market are only lenses with a refractive index of 1.50. Compared with myopia power For tall people, the lens will be thicker. Factors that need to be considered when purchasing. Appearance inspection, except that the lens must not have scratches, impurities, bubbles, or streaks, ladies who love beauty must pay attention to the UVA, UVB and CE marks on the mirror or tag in order to prevent ultraviolet rays. . The quality of the lens, put the lens about a foot away in front of your eyes, look at a fixed object through the center, and then move it up and down gently. If it is a flat lens, the object should not move. If the object moves with the lens or is distorted, it means that the lens is uneven and has unevenness. Such sunglasses cannot be bought. Sunglasses with too light color have little effect on the shade of color; but too dark color can easily affect vision. Under normal circumstances, brown, gray, and dark green are relatively moderate. Their filtering effect is better, and the scene seen after wearing the glasses will only darken without obvious chromatic aberration. Whether a pair of sunglasses have UV protection function, we cannot tell with the naked eye. The manufacturer’s express commitment to the product is the only reference for consumers to purchase sunglasses with protection function. We can see some products such as labels on the labels and the front of the glasses. : '100% anti-ultravioletWear comfortably. When shopping for sunglasses, don't just follow the trend, but choose the size and curvature of the glasses according to your face shape. In addition, when trying to wear it, you need to see if you feel dizzy, so as to avoid an event similar to wearing inferior sunglasses that causes a car accident.
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