What kind of sunglasses are good lenses

u003cbru003eThe weather in Hangzhou in the past two days has been hot enough to wear short sleeves. Many people walking on the street have begun to take off their heavy coats and wear fashionable sunglasses. What should I pay attention to when buying sunglasses? Taking advantage of the peak period of buying mirrors, the editor will explain to you in detail what kind of lens is good for sunglasses. Ray-Ban RB4225 Men's Sunglasses 646/55 Transparent Sunglasses What lens material is good? 1. Resin lens (preferred choice) Resin lens is the most widely used lens material type, which contains a plant chemical composition. Its major features are light texture, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and can effectively prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays, and it is comfortable and healthy to wear. Therefore, resin is an excellent material for sunglasses lenses. 2. Glass lens. Compared with other materials, the glass lens is a lens material with good optical performance. Its surface hardness is very high, it is not easy to be scratched and worn; but the weight is too heavy and it is easier to be crushed. Therefore, for consumers who love sports, lenses of this material are generally not used. 3. PC lens PC lens contains polycarbonate, which is a kind of polymer compound, which belongs to a relatively high-end lens product. It is characterized by light weight, good coloring performance, and easy dyeing. However, the wear resistance is relatively poor, and the optical performance is not very stable, so many consumers do not like it very much. What lenses do sunglasses have? 1. Colored lenses (preferred choice) are also called 'dyed lenses'. Some chemicals are added during the lens manufacturing process to make the lenses appear colorful to absorb light of specific wavelengths. This is the type of lens commonly used in sunglasses. 2. The effect of painted lenses is the same as that of colored lenses, except that the method of making is different. It is to paint the color on the surface of the lens, the color is darker on the top, and then gradually lighter down. Generally, they are sunglasses with prescription. 3. The color-changing lens adds appropriate amount of chemical substance to the lens, so that the originally transparent and colorless lens will turn into a colored lens when exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation, which is also called 'photosensitive lens'. Mainly used to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, especially in high-altitude areas with strong ultraviolet rays. 4. Polarized lens In order to filter the dazzling rays of the sun shining on water, land or snow in equal directions, a special vertical coating is added to the lens. Suitable for outdoor sports (such as marine activities, skiing or fishing). YC9709 ladies sunglasses C4 tortoiseshell/grey lens sunglasses which lens color is good? 1. Brown, brown, brown can absorb any color spectrum evenly, and has good color perception. There will be no chromatic aberration in the scene, but it will only darken, and the color can be clearly distinguished. The brown color can filter a lot of blue light, improve the visual contrast and clarity, even if the light is dazzling, you can see the details of the object clearly, and the effect is better to wear under severe air pollution or fog. 2. Blue-gray blue-gray lenses and gray lenses are both neutral lenses and have a higher absorption rate of visible light; sunglasses with blue lenses and dark green lenses should not be worn when driving; light blue, light pink and other lens decorations More sex than practical; yellow lenses can provide more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision goggles; mercury lenses are suitable for outdoor sports people. Related reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Brand
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