What kind of sunglasses are suitable for Chinese face

u003cbru003eDifferent face shapes are suitable for different styles of sunglasses. Friends with oval face will match all kinds of sunglasses, but you should pay attention to those with Chinese face. Some styles are not suitable for you. The Chinese character face is also a square face. There are mainly two types: rectangle and square. Today, I will tell you what kind of sunglasses are suitable for people with square faces! 1. Friends with longer rectangular faces may wish to try wider ones. , The decorative frame can increase the width of the face and make the overall shape look more comfortable. 2. Choosing an oval frame for a square face can ease the jaw line of this type of face. In addition, a frame with wavy lines can also provide a good contrast for your face, which is more visually outstanding. YC9712 Men’s Sunglasses C1 Gun/Green Classic Toad Polarized Sunglasses Trendy Driver Mirror In general, friends with a Chinese face have a wider denomination and chin. This type of face is suitable for choosing a rectangular or oblong lens. Style glasses. Of course, this is not absolute. Personal preferences and needs for special occasions should also be included in the selection of sunglasses. In any case, under the premise of ensuring the effectiveness of sunglasses to care for the eyes, the best choice for yourself is the best choice. Related reading: Sunglasses Men's Sunglasses Brand
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