What kind of sunglasses does a round face fit?

u003cbru003eThe styling goal of a girl with a round face is to make her face look thin and long, so first you have to choose sunglasses that look slightly wider than your face, so sunglasses with a rectangular frame and wide feet are suitable for you, and your two Having eyebrows or tails can make your face look longer. The round and narrow border is a style you should avoid, unless you want to make your face look rounder. The editor reminds everyone that wide is the key word. u003cbru003e u003cbru003eRound sunglasses are up again this summer u003cbru003e u003cbru003eu003dThe hot summer is approaching, and sunglasses frequently appear on the streets. If you want to ask about popular styles, I just want to say that no matter when, the retro style has never been out of style. This summer round sunglasses are cheering again! A pair of round sunglasses Framed sunglasses can easily interpret the retro fashion style, paying tribute to the eternal classic! This summer, a pair of in sunglasses in hand, just walk away! Italian avant-garde fashion brand Marni, this men's glasses with a very retro round Shaped frame with double nose bridge design. The classic shape reflects a sense of natural atmosphere! The well-known brand of sunglasses, Ray-Ban, has also released many new round sunglasses, carrying the retro style to the end! Ray-Ban RB3532 men's sunglasses 001/ The 68 gold classic round frame, cool reflective lenses, and foldable fashion styles give these sunglasses a new soul. Ray-Ban RB4222 Men's Sunglasses 622/8G Matte Black/Grey Matte Black material gives people an elegant and low-key beauty, and the glasses are available in seven colors, including gray, purple and white, and transparent blue. Ray-Ban RB3447 Men's Sunglasses 002/4J Black/Colorful Green Film If the above sunglasses still can’t satisfy your retro style, these thin metal frame sunglasses will definitely enter your heart. The stylish combination of retro metal frame and colorful lenses It looks so beautiful! Wang Ou's recently exposed retro photo blockbuster is the round frame sunglasses covering the face, which is full of retro fashion, but fresh and playful. In the face of the great sunshine that cannot be disappointed, choosing the right pair of sunglasses will not only allow you to wander in the sun as much as you want, but also add to your 'mirror' throughout the summer. Come and buy glasses! u003cbru003e
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