What materials are the spectacle frames made of?

u003cbru003eThe main materials of natural materials: tortoiseshell, wood, horns, ivory, etc. Features: Natural and environmentally friendly, little irritation to the skin, health care effect, and expensive. It is relatively rare in the market. The main materials of metal alloys: copper and copper alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, Monel, nickel alloys, pure titanium and titanium alloys, and pure gold, platinum, etc. Features: strong and light. Inferior metal alloy frames can cause skin irritation, and the price of different metal materials is different. The main material of plastic sheet: plastic sheet material. Features: The plastic sheet frame is light in weight, not easy to damage, and the price is affordable. There are many styles and are popular among young people. The main materials of memory materials: metal and non-metal materials with super recovery ability. Features: light weight, super elastic, large intentional bending. It is suitable for people who often take off and put their glasses on casually due to frequent business trips and busy work. Related Reading: Frame Material
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