What problems should be paid attention to when using polarized sunglasses

u003cbru003eIn winter, sunny weather is definitely a good time to go out. Taking advantage of the rare weekend, away from the catharsis of the city, climbing mountains, fishing, and breathing the fresh air of nature, it is immediately refreshing. For most people, whether it is summer or winter, wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses is a wise choice for outdoor activities. Take fishing as an example. When fishing, the waves on the lake are easy to stab the eyes. If you use polarized sunglasses, you can not only reduce the sensitivity, but also refract the reflected light to avoid damage to the eyes caused by the glare. Speaking of polarized sunglasses, I believe there are still many friends who do not understand how to use them correctly. Today, the glasses talk about several issues that need to be paid attention to when using polarized sunglasses in daily life. First of all, polarized sunglasses should not be exposed to water for a long time. Generally speaking, polarized glasses are mostly made of 7-layer lenses and polarized plates. Long-term exposure to water will separate the lens layers, causing damage to the lenses and making it impossible to wear them. Secondly, it should not be placed in an environment higher than 60 degrees. Because the lenses are mostly resin lenses, long-term high temperatures will cause the glasses to melt, burst the film, and peel off the adhesive layer. So especially in summer, don't be greedy to put the polarized sunglasses in the car conveniently. After that, be sure not to wipe the lens with clothes. Polarized lenses are generally made of PC lenses. When wiping, please wipe them with a special glasses cloth to ensure the service life of the lenses.
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