What sunglasses for a long face

u003cbru003eWe all know that when choosing sunglasses, we should not only refer to the material and style, but also refer to the shape of our face, and choose the one that suits us to look good. So everyone’s face shape is different. It can be roughly divided into several types: long face, square face, round face, etc. Today I will introduce to you what kind of sunglasses are suitable for long face. YC9702 Ladies Sunglasses C3 Black/Lens Colorful Blue Long Face When choosing glasses, the most important point is of course to 'avoid long face'. Generally speaking, if you have a long face, it is more suitable to wear round and square sunglasses, and you can choose larger sunglasses. The top is flat and flush with the eyebrows, and the bottom is slightly rounded. This will cover part of the face, and the face will appear smaller. But the frame should not be wider than the cheek, so as not to make the face look longer. Sunglasses suitable for a long face include oblate or curved mirrors and slightly thicker temples, which can well reduce the slenderness of the face. The face with a long face is longer and the line of the chin is tough. Long-faced MM can keep the bangs to hide. Choose round sunglasses to alleviate the toughness of the long face. Men can choose a streamlined frame to ease the long face. Or choose a frame with a thicker and more square frame without prominent edges and corners to reduce the face shape of a long face, so that it will highlight the temperament. The most unsuitable sunglasses for people with long faces are butterfly-shaped sunglasses. Long faces are suitable for sunglasses. If the hair color is close to brown and the skin is white, you can choose to wear brown, pink, blue, green, lavender and light brown sunglasses. If the hair color is close to brown hair and the skin is yellowish, it will look better to choose to wear pink, brown, red, pink, deep purple, or blue sunglasses. If the hair color is black and the skin tone is medium, you can wear pink, purple, crimson, blue, and green sunglasses. The hair color is dark and the skin tone is also darker. Darker colors are better. Suitable for red, purple and brown sunglasses. Related Reading: Retro Sunglasses Square Frame Sunglasses
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