What to do if you don’t choose sunglasses, try timeless black and white classic colors

u003cbru003eJune is calling for you, the high temperature is waiting for you, it's time to choose a sunglasses that suits you, wear sunglasses, shade your eyes, and add points to your image! But now there are so many styles of sunglasses on the market With so many colors, how do you choose? First of all, don’t worry about colors. Choosing black and white classic colors will always be out of date. There are not many bloggers like Kaitlyn Ham who purely like black and white, but her 'persistence' seems to have become her representative. Kaitlyn Ham is not only good at using black and white in clothing, but also accessories such as sunglasses. She is wearing Ray-Ban's black sunglasses. Ray-Ban can be said to be a well-known brand in the sunglasses brand. Although its sunglasses are relatively expensive, they are of good quality. Ray-Ban RB3025 Unisex Sunglasses 001/58 All black sunglasses are actually a very versatile one. If you don't have any idea according to the face shape, it is better to try all black square sunglasses. YC9702 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Lens Colorful Blue Next, let’s talk about how to choose the style of sunglasses. In addition to choosing the style you like, the more important thing is to suit yourself~ (Complete article: Sunglasses should match the face shape well. It is a concave shape artifact) Principle of round face: so many round lines require glasses with sharp edges and corners. Suitable type: suitable for rectangular or butterfly-shaped frames, but the frame should be slightly thicker, the lens color should be colder, and darker glasses There is a visual effect of 'tightening' the face. Mistake: Avoid round, light or naive framed square face. Principle: Complementary principle. When the face is already square, use soft lines to soften the sense of edges and corners. Suitable type: Frames with soft lines, such as round and oval, can soften the lines of your face, weaken the edges and corners of the face, and increase the softness of the face. Mistake: Avoid square glasses with too many corners, otherwise it will appear to have too many lines on your face. The principle of the heart-shaped face: It is a standard face shape, and the ability to control all kinds of sunglasses is quite strong. However, if you don't want to hide most of your face behind your sunglasses, don't choose a style with a frame that is too large or exaggerated. Suitable type: round glasses with rounded frames are good, you can try colorful and playful colors. Error: Not suitable for spectacles with special shapes and designs that are too exaggerated. Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses, Famous Brand Sunglasses
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