What to pay attention to when choosing myopia sunglasses

u003cbru003eThe weather is getting hot and the sunglasses are back in their cottages. What we care about when shopping for sunglasses should be the style. Indeed, it is important to choose a beautiful pair of sunglasses that you like, but other parameters also need to be considered. Compared with sunglasses, the purchase of myopic sunglasses has many more restrictive factors, and we need to pay more attention to it.   1.499 brown polarized myopia sunglasses full anti-ultraviolet myopia glasses lens 1. The lens is too large to match the myopia lens of myopia sunglasses, usually a big circle, the closer to the center, the thinner, the closer to the surroundings, the thicker. I have explained the refractive index problem before. Even the thin 1.74 refractive index lens has a very thick outer ring. Therefore, if the frame is very large, especially the Oversize sunglasses that are very popular in recent years, then you can imagine that if you are equipped with myopia lenses, the lenses of the entire sunglasses will look very thick, which affects the appearance Uncomfortable. In other words, this is technically feasible, but in terms of actual wearing, it is neither recommended nor recommended. 2. The curvature of the frame is too curved to be directly equipped with myopia lenses. There are many sports sunglasses, which are designed to fit the shape of the face and head. Such lenses, relatively speaking, have a very large curvature. For ordinary myopia lenses, It can't be done. Therefore, for such glasses, there will be special external myopia lenses. I believe everyone has an impression of those athletes wearing 'windshields' in the NBA arena, that is, lenses with power designed specifically for sports. Many swimming goggles also have such power lenses. If you buy sunglasses specifically for sports, it is recommended that you buy sports sunglasses with power directly. 3. Single lens can not be equipped with myopic lenses. Due to technical limitations, all single-lens glasses cannot be equipped with myopic lenses. I will recommend a pair of sunglasses that can be equipped with myopia~   Sunglasses YC9015 Gun Color Men’s Myopia Sunglasses Large Frame Sunglasses with Degrees Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses Clip
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