What to pay attention to when choosing myopia sunglasses

u003cbru003eIn order to make the image clear, the lenses of myopia glasses will have a certain diopter. But under normal circumstances, sunglasses are flat and will not damage the eyes. Myopia sunglasses are a combination of the two, and the lenses with power are dyed through a special process. Therefore, the first thing to consider when choosing sunglasses for myopia is the lens, preferably a resin lens. The second is the color, too light filtering effect is small, too deep affects eyesight. It is recommended to choose gray and brown lenses. When trying them on, you should see if there is a sense of dizziness and whether the degree of dialysis is high. If you are low-grade myopia, wearing ordinary sunglasses will not affect your vision. You can choose yellow lenses, which can improve the sensitivity of visual cells. If you don't know what color is suitable, you can try to look in the mirror after wearing sunglasses. If you can see the lens of your own pupil, the color will be relatively standard. Tinted glasses are not suitable to be worn indoors. They will worsen the damage to vision and binocular health for a long time. You must prepare a pair of ordinary glasses for myopia. In addition, myopic sunglasses must go to a professional hospital or organization for optometry and glasses, and you must not buy one at will. People who drive often have higher requirements for the quality of lenses, and they should feel light and clear when worn. If they show symptoms such as headache, dizziness, dazzling, dry eyes or inability to see for a long time, they should stop wearing them immediately. It is also possible to use the sunglasses clip to clip it outside the myopia, which is easy and inexpensive. However, if the person with high myopia exceeds 600 degrees, the original vision correction is not very ambitious. If you wear a pair of colored glasses, you will see a dark haze in front of your eyes, making it more difficult to see. For the same reason, those with myopic astigmatism and corrected visual acuity lower than 1.0 should not be worn. Related reading: myopia sunglasses myopia glasses
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