When buying sunglasses in autumn, UV protection is the most important

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-13
u003cbru003eThe intensity of sunlight in autumn is not as strong as in summer, but because the air in autumn is relatively thin, the penetration of ultraviolet rays in the sunlight is very strong, and the damage to the skin is still great, especially to the eyes. Therefore, when buying glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses in autumn, UV protection should be the top priority. So, do you know how to determine the UV protection ability of sunglasses when buying sunglasses? When shopping for sunglasses, you can use the label on the sunglasses to protect against ultraviolet rays. Glasses with anti-ultraviolet function will have a UV400 mark. This is the grade unit of the anti-ultraviolet ability of the glasses, which means that the anti-ultraviolet ability of the glasses is 100%. Of course, this is a simple method. You can also use the professional equipment of the optical shop to test when buying sunglasses. This is also a method. In addition, you can also check with the UV lamp of the currency detector. If the anti-counterfeiting marks on the banknotes can be seen clearly after the UV rays pass through the glasses, it means that the sunglasses' UV resistance is not up to standard. Experts remind you: When choosing sunglasses in autumn, it is better to choose lighter lenses, so that the visual effect will be better during the wearing process.
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