Which color lens is good for polarized sunglasses

u003cbru003ePolarized glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses is one of our indispensable equipment for outdoor activities, and even ordinary driving needs to wear polarized sunglasses. Its lenses play a larger role. Different colors have different projection and absorption of light. What color lens is better? Recommended reading: Are military polarized sunglasses expensive? Ray-Ban RB4125F men's sunglasses 901 black and blue lenses: water Polarized glasses with sport blue lenses have the effect of improving visual effects and enhancing clarity. Even in the case of haze, they are still a must-have choice for travel; at the same time, they are also very suitable for diving activities of diving enthusiasts. Because blue can effectively filter the light blue glare reflected between the sea and the sky, it is suitable for wearing at the seaside or water sports. Gray lenses: driving polarized glasses with gray lenses is very effective for filtering scattered light in the beam, making the scene look softer and not dazzling; suitable for wearing in strong sunlight, such a characteristic lens is very suitable for Drive in the scorching sun to go fishing and other outdoor activities. Ray-Ban RB8056 Men's Sunglasses 175/6Q tortoiseshell pink lenses: decorative effect This is a very common color. It can absorb 95% of ultraviolet light, and some short-wavelength visible light. In fact, this function is similar to that of ordinary untinted lenses, which means that pink lenses will not have a greater protective effect than ordinary lenses. But for some people, it still helps a lot psychologically because they feel more comfortable to wear. Yellow lens: night exercise can absorb 100% of ultraviolet light, and can let infrared and 83% of visible light penetrate the lens. The biggest feature of the yellow lens is that it absorbs most of the blue light. Because when the sun shines through the atmosphere, it is mainly represented by blue light (this can explain why the sky is blue). After the yellow lens absorbs blue light, it can make the natural scene more clear. Therefore, the yellow lens is often used as a 'filter' or used by hunters when hunting. However, no one can prove that the target shooting performance is better because the shooter wears yellow glasses. Related Reading: Polarized Sunglasses for Polarized Myopia
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