Which sunglasses should I choose when driving in the face of harsh light?

u003cbru003eIn the hot summer, friends who often drive are always troubled by the strong sun rays. So how should the driver choose suitable sunglasses from the many types of glasses? How to choose sunglasses? What are the precautions when driving with sunglasses? I will explain it to everyone. Recommended reading: Are sunglasses glass lenses better or resin lenses better? Optional gradient sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses can resist and avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the retina and eye lens, and slow down or prevent the onset of cataracts. In the sunny summer, citizens should wear sunglasses when going out, but try not to wear them indoors. Wearing sunglasses should follow the principle of moderation, and you must not overwear them because they feel fresh and fun. Especially for teenagers, sunglasses can not be worn indoors, because indoor visible light can stimulate eye development. Drivers with myopia can wear contact lenses first, and then sunglasses. If the driver’s eyes are irritated and cannot wear contact lenses, wear myopia glasses and add a clip. For drivers who do not have myopia, it is recommended to choose color-changing sunglasses because they will change color according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays, which is a more user-friendly design. Drivers are not allowed to wear dark sunglasses, because wearing dark sunglasses may cause visual delay and safety risks. 'Currently, sunglasses on the market are divided into light-proof sunglasses and polarized sunglasses. Generally speaking, drivers should wear polarized sunglasses when driving because polarized lenses can completely block the glare caused by various factors such as scattering and reflection. Effectively ensure driving safety. Light-proof sunglasses are suitable for those who are afraid of light for a long time, or those who have larger pupils and are more sensitive to light. Wearing sunglasses must be more cautious. Although wearing sunglasses can avoid UV damage, drivers should also be careful: Deep Colored sunglasses may 'filter out' the surrounding light-colored objects, causing the driver to have an illusion, and thus cause danger. Therefore, when driving with sunglasses, you must consciously limit the speed and observe the driving environment to avoid traffic accidents. At the tunnel entrance, etc. In places with large changes in light, the same distance will look closer when the light is strong during the day, but in a darker environment, it will feel farther. At this time, the driver is more likely to see the captain of the oncoming car, the distance between the cars, and the following car. Distance creates an illusion, so drivers should be more cautious when passing through the tunnel wearing sunglasses to avoid rear-end collisions.
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