Whose patent is the spectacle frame? The four NBA stars detonate the fashion war

u003cbru003eAs far as the regular press conferences before and after the NBA Finals are concerned, James and Wade generally show the image of mature men in suits and ties, while Wei Shao and Xiaodu are 'small and fresh'. Flowered shirts, flowered trousers, outstanding colors, plus a backpack on his back, looks like a college student from a distance. Although the clothing styles are different, the four have one thing in common, that is, they wear a large headset that is popular all over the world before the game and a pair of glasses without lenses at the press conference. Obviously, the NBA Finals is not only a battle between the Thunder and the Heat on the court, but also a fashion battle between Westbrook, Durant and the four superstars of James and Wade. Lensless glasses are the subject of controversy among the four big stars, and the two sides are like guarding their own restricted area. Before the finals, Westbrook implicitly stated in an interview that this kind of 'glasses' is his own patent, and he led this trend in the league. 'I have worn glasses since I entered the league, and I know that everyone does it now.' The reporter with a good deed never let it go, and continued to directly ask Shao Wei if he led the trend in the NBA. Wei Shao replied, 'Hi, I didn't say anything, but I'm talking.' Wei Shao's words drew a burst of laughter. This remark was immediately met by James and Wade's joint counterattack. James and Wade, who also like to wear filmless frames, responded immediately after hearing Wei Shao's words. When James saw the news in the newspaper, he said: 'No, it's not like that. This kind of frameless frame is just a decoration, a fashion, and there is no story behind it. However, it definitely did not start with him. I have worn it myself. In two years, I don’t know who was the first to wear it, but it’s certainly not any of us. Maybe it started in the 1970s and 1980s, and fashion always reincarnated once every ten years.” Wade also said: “ I'm sure someone has done this long ago. Spike Lee (a famous American director) has been wearing it for a long time. Trends always come and go, some people can keep up, some people can't keep up. NBA glasses look now. It’s very interesting, but I believe everyone will be abandoned next season.” Although neither James nor Wade criticized Wei Shao publicly, they clearly set off a turmoil in the mouth, adding more to the flames of the finals. point. A fashion war started quietly and gradually became better. Article title: Whose patent is the spectacle frame? The four NBA stars detonate the fashion war.
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