Why do others wear sunglasses like a star, and you wear sunglasses like Ah Bing?


Many people think that as long as they wear sunglasses, they can instantly be noble, and they can instantly evolve into a high-powered street blogger. In fact, it is amazing. If you don’t wear sunglasses well, you don’t look like a star, but like Ah Bing. Only with good sunglasses can you modify your face and enhance your aura to become a star in seconds. So how can I get rid of the image of Ah Bing with good sunglasses and upgrade to a star? First, we will make a detailed introduction based on the matching of the face. The faces of most people can be summarized into five types: round, oval, triangle, square and long faces: 1. Round face: This face is characterized by round cheeks, which is good for matching with glasses with sharp edges and wide-rim frames. , Will help to lengthen the facial lines. In the case of more round lines, if you match it with a gold-rimmed frame, your face will look more rounded. Kerr has always been the goddess of the baby-faced sister world. From the fairy prince to the IT diamond king, the road of life is getting more and more brilliant. Kerr wearing the aviator is also great, and all kinds of shapes can be controlled, or Noble lady or handsome~ But the Kerr wearing this Miu Miu really makes me unlovable. Fortunately, the hairstyle is well matched, and I always find it difficult for ordinary people in real life to control. Recommended for round face sunglasses: Anta AT8005C1 black fashion sunglasses large frame polarized sunglasses 2. Oval face: the feature is that the wide part of the face is located in the frontal area and moves smoothly and symmetrically to the forehead and chin. It is the perfect face in the world Face shape. The face shape of the International Chapter is a perfect oval face. Seeing a small sharp chin will make people feel affectionate and affectionate unconsciously. Even if I lose the weight of the international chapter, it is estimated that I can hardly show the face shape of the international chapter, sigh~ the perfect face shape, and what kind of glasses I wear also reveals two words, perfect~beautiful~~ such as Ray Ban with one hand, such as big Tom Ford, who accidentally covered half of his face. For example, Miu Miu, who is picking people, wears the pink air of spring and girly in the international chapter. Although I think Dior's So Real is also very picky, the international chapter is so naturally wearing a noble and expensive footstep. Sunglasses match, but also consider the overall style ~ suitable for oval face sunglasses recommended: Anta AT8002C8 tortoiseshell large frame sunglasses trendy fashion women's authentic polarized sunglasses 3. Triangular face: wide flat forehead, pointed chin, jaw The bones are almost level with the eyes, these are the characteristics of the face of melon seeds. In order to soften the lines on the lower half of the face, it is better to choose glasses with oval frames and clear lines. The celebrity Olivia has a small melon face and a dignified temperament. It is really envious. The overall match has never made mistakes, and the taste of the selected model husband is also not said. Recommended sunglasses for melon seeds: YC9105C8 tortoiseshell female fashion polarized sunglasses European and American retro big frame sunglasses 4. Square face: wide forehead, angular, square face, revealing a face of righteousness. Choosing a round or oval frame will help soften the contours of the face, while a metal frame will also help eliminate the rigidity of the lines. The curvature of the sunglasses and the size of the lenses fit Jay's face very well, and the black lenses will show more aura. Screen licking mode turned on~Keira Knightley in the square face world also likes to use curved sunglasses to soften her face in her life~ Recommended sunglasses for square face: YC9707 Women's sunglasses C3 bright black/gray 5. Long face: Generally, they have a high forehead, a firmer jaw, and a long chin. Wearing sunglasses with wide edges and large frames can make the face appear wider and shorter, breaking long lines. Really good rice porridge Maggie Q, gentle, wild, free, mature, shy and straightforward. The various feminine traits are mixed and matched very well. I really don’t know how to express my love for MQ. I use the MQ soap tablets to share privately. Although I love MQ, I think MQ is more suitable for sunglasses with unclear edges and corners. This Ray Ban easily exposes the queen's weakness. Wearing round eyes, MQ immediately became gentle, even a policeman with a weapon. Recommended sunglasses for long faces: YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C7 White/Colorful Purple Sunglasses In addition to matching the face shape, you must also match some basic makeup, so that you can better show your charm! Then how to make up when wearing sunglasses? ? Friends who want to know, please see 'Simple Sunglasses Makeup'. Related Reading: Sunglasses Fashion Sunglasses
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