Why do pilots wear sunglasses?

u003cbru003eThe pilots we see often seem to be dressed up with sunglasses, and there are also pilot sunglasses named after them. Why on earth? Actually, the sunglasses worn by pilots are not just for pretending to be cool and handsome. But top polarized sunglasses made of advanced materials such as TAC or PHOENIX. In addition to the softer and clearer vision that ordinary sunglasses can’t match, it can also prevent glare, radiation, and ultraviolet rays. It is used to protect the eyes of the pilot Jingui (the pilot’s vision must be above 5.0, and the vision must be reduced. Eliminated). Many people know that pilots are the treasure of the army, and it is very difficult to develop a mature one. Other personnel in the army are not issued with glasses, only these top polarized sunglasses are issued to pilots to protect their eyesight. Pilot glasses are eye protection equipment specially produced for pilots to wear during grounding. They are mainly used for pilots to act as a buffer for the eyes to adapt to strong light before they put on the helmet while driving the aircraft and after the aircraft is stopped and take off the helmet. , And then protect the eyes. When flying a fighter jet, a pilot wears a special helmet for the pilot. The black lens on the front of the pilot helmet is a combination of polarized light and anti-glare function. Under normal circumstances, just put it on. It will feel suddenly dark in front of you. When the helmet is worn for a long time and taken off, the eyes are often pierced by the direct sunlight in the open air of the airport. Therefore, the situation can be improved to a certain extent with the pilot glasses. Ray-Ban RB3541 Men's Sunglasses 001/13 Gold/Tea Lens General aviator sunglasses use TAC material as the lens. TAC is made of cellulose triacetate, which is processed into a film by solvent casting. So far, it is one of the polymer materials with the highest light transmittance. , It has excellent optical properties, surface hardness and scratch resistance. At the same time, TAC has a good ability to prevent PVA polarizing film from shrinking. In addition to its high optical quality, TAC also has very good scratch resistance, moisture absorption resistance and stable polarized PVA film adhesion. In addition, aviator sunglasses, as a aviator’s eye protection magic weapon, are also very suitable for car driving, outdoor activities, travel and leisure, etc., but it is not easy to buy a set of genuine products. The above is the related content of why pilots wear sunglasses. If you want to learn more about sunglasses, you can check it out. Related reading: Sunglasses aviator sunglasses
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