Why is a polarizer suitable for driving?


Sunglasses are very familiar daily necessities. In addition to protecting eyes in bright light environments, they are also a fashion accessory that shows oneself. But for people who drive, sunglasses are not just for blocking the glare of the sun, nor for stinking, it is directly related to driving safety. So it is necessary to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car. For driving, sunglasses are no longer just accessories. I believe that many people are used to wearing sunglasses when driving, but not everyone knows the right choice. When we are driving, in addition to the glare from the sun ahead, there are also road reflections, reflections from the front and rear windshields, reflections from the glass curtain walls of the buildings on both sides, etc. If there is no sunglasses to block, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, or look A traffic accident occurred due to unclear road conditions ahead. In addition, the road conditions are changeable. When the eyes are switched between bright and dark environments, driving safety will be affected because they cannot adapt instantly. Polarized sunglasses, sunglasses suitable for driving. If you plan to buy sunglasses for driving, remember one word: 'polarized lensesWhat is a polarizer? It is a lens that allows light in a certain direction to pass through. To put it more vividly? Wearing a polarizer is like installing shutters on a window in a room. The light outside the window is adjusted to enter the room in the same direction, making the indoor scenery look soft and not glaring. The actual effect is to wear a polarizer, which can filter out the surrounding environment; the reflection of the front ground, car windows, instrument panel, glass curtain wall, etc. is shielded, making the view more comfortable and clear. Dazzling light caused by various factors such as scattered light and reflected light. This is a good choice for driving. Warm reminder, if you plan to wear a pair of sunglasses while driving, when the staff asks what you need after walking into the optical shop, you can say: 'I want to look at polarized sunglasses.' If you usually wear myopia, you can consult myopia sunglasses. Related Reading: Polarized Sunglasses
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