Why wear sunglasses in summer?

u003cbru003eWhy do you wear sunglasses in summer? In the hot summer, various styles of sunglasses have become people's darlings. They can not only block strong ultraviolet rays, but also play a decorative role. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Recommended reading: Four issues that should be paid attention to before choosing sunglasses. YC9708 General Sunglasses The following editor will talk about the benefits of wearing sunglasses in summer 1: Prevent strong light. When the eyes receive too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris . Once the iris shrinks to its limit, people then need to squint. If there is still too much light, such as sunlight reflected from snow, it will damage the retina. Sunglasses can filter out up to 97% of the light that enters the eye to avoid injury. 2: Prevent the exposure of ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can damage the cornea and retina, and sunglasses can completely eliminate ultraviolet rays. 3: Prevent glare from being illuminated   Some surfaces, such as water, can reflect a lot of light, and the bright spots produced in this way will disturb the line of sight or hide objects. Sunglasses can use polarized light technology to eliminate such glare. 4: Eliminate light of a specific frequency. Certain frequencies of light can blur the line of sight. Generally speaking, wearing sunglasses is not only to look cool, but more importantly, to protect your eyes. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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