With myopic sunglasses, you can travel easily without worry

u003cbru003eIt is well known that myopia people need glasses for myopia, but do they need two glasses if they want to wear sunglasses? Is there really only this stupid way?! No, you have more intimate choices, With myopia sunglasses, my mother no longer has to worry about my eyes! Myopia sunglasses are a combination of the two functions of myopia glasses and sunglasses, and they are also divided into several different types. At the beginning, a pair of lenses with clips was added to the original glasses, which was called a set lens, but the set lens often does not match the size of the hyperopic lens, and the appearance is not beautiful. In addition, the clip or the small clip at the connection of the clip increases the weight of the glasses and can easily cause damage to the original nearsighted glasses. Some people with myopia who love beauty like to wear contact lenses before wearing sunglasses. Although this is more convenient, wearing invisible lenses will cause many safety risks to the eyes, and many people with myopia are not used to wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses are 'corneal contact lenses'. Even if the lens is made with sophisticated technology, it will hinder the eye's supply requirements. Wearing contact lenses for a long time will cause the cornea to be in a continuous hypoxic state, which will cause corneal inflammation, edema and even erosion. . So try to avoid wearing contact lenses for eye health. So is there a better solution? Friends can be myopic sunglasses. This kind of lens is mainly divided into three types. One is the dyed myopia lens. It dyes the resin lens, but whether the ordinary dyed myopia resin lens is additionally coated with an anti-ultraviolet film should be specifically asked when purchasing. The second type is polarized myopia lenses, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, but for people with higher myopia, the lenses will be thicker, affecting the overall appearance, and are not suitable for indoor wear. The third is the color-changing myopia lens, which can be worn indoors and outdoors, and can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, but the price is higher. Which kind of lens you need depends on your personal needs and preferences, you should choose the one that suits you. Related reading: Sunglasses myopia lenses
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